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What's Different About Miir?
What's all the hype about MiiR?
  When we set out to create the best bottle, we knew a functional design was crucial. For starters, all existing bottles on the market we tested either had too big or small of an opening. The opening of our bottle is large enough to allow ice and brush cleaning and small enough to allow for sipping without spilling, or giving you a "water beard." We also became tired of lids that took three full turns to open. We reduced the thread count to provide easy access to your beverage. It's easy – one twist of the lid and you're done.

We also envisioned our bottles incorporating a creative component. We wanted every one of our bottles to be individual. Each bottle has character – your character – so we designed a personalization integration model. Our patented design allows for skins to be placed onto each MiiR with a perfect fit.
What’s with the Skins?
  Skinning your bottle is a great way to make your MiiR unique. Every skin is made from premium grade 3M glossy vinyl, printed using a special six color high resolution process, and sealed with a clear coating for additional protection. This high quality process ensures your skin will hold up against normal activity. Check out our curated collection of MiiR skins and artist collaborations at