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Tech Talk
What do these things weigh, anyway?
  Don’t be fooled by their obvious durability. MiiR bottles are also oh-so-light, giving you no reason to pass up one (or two). If you’re still not convinced, view our stats below for the technical details and be amazed:
•    800 ml (27 fl oz) | 6.125 ounces
•    600 ml (20 fl oz) | 5.7 ounces
•    400 ml (13.5 fl oz) | 4.4 ounces

•    700 ml (23 fl oz) | 12.5 ounces
•    500 ml (16.9 fl oz) | 10.3 ounces
What's with the fancy numbers: 18/8?
  It's simple: stainless steel is comprised of some of the earth's basic elements, including chromium (the 18%) and nickel (the 8%). These percentages represent a high standard of quality in our industry and contribute to MiiR's durability and dependability.