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Groupon FAQ
How about shipping?
  Shipping is not included in the promotion. We too wish we could teleport your bottle to you like those fancy bank deposit tubes at the drive through. However, we have not advanced that technology on a large scale yet...yet.
How do I redeem my Groupon?
  Redeeming your Groupon coupon is easy. Simply choose your MiiR Bottle and click add to cart. If you select the 'bottle + skin pincode' option, we will email you your pincode once you conquer the checkout process. Locate your alphanumeric code-with no dashes or spaces- in the bottom right corner of your Groupon confirmation. Once you are ready to checkout simply enter your code in the box that looks like this:

Please note, the code must be entered exactly as it reads on your Groupon coupon.

There can be no dashes or spaces in the code, especially before.

After you have applied your coupon, select your shipping preference and follow the checkout procedures.
Redeeming more than 1 at a time?
  Sorry, our system is setup to only accept one (1) Groupon coupon at a time. Therefore each code must be redeemed one at a time. Yeah we hate lines too, but fortunately this line is a deal!
Still need help?
  If you are still having problems with the interwebs please drop us a line and we'll get back to you with 1-3 business days, hopefully today, pinky promise.