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How can I spread the word about MiiR and my campaign?
  You can promote traffic for your campaign through any media outlet! Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, your campaign is made easily accessible for those wishing to donate. Either post it on your wall or tweet about it- it is easy to make your campaign visible and to spread the word!
How much do I get for my campaign by participating in give.MiiR?
  You receive a generous sum of $5 per ordered bottle that goes toward your personal fundraising campaign.
How much money do I get if an individual uses a discount code when purchasing a bottle through my campaign?
  You receive 20% of the subtotal when the discount is applied to the order at checkout.
Who can use give.MiiR?
  Anyone looking to raise money! Whether you be a church, club, school, sports team, or an individual looking for a fundraising opportunity- give.MiiR is the perfect outlet for your campaign.
Why do I have to use Facebook to access my account?
  It is the easiest way! Facebook is a simple way to log-in to your account while allowing you to share your campaign information via your network and Facebook account. MiiR will not post anything to your wall and to Facebook without your direct permission.
Why will my campaign only last 60 days?
  We think that 60 days is the perfect amount of time to conduct a campaign without it being exhausted and burnt out. However, if 60 days is not long enough, you can just sign up again for that same campaign.  Also, you are able to have as  many open and  ongoing campaigns as you wish.