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Commit to Your Commute

Bryan Papé on

10 Tips for a successful bike commute

1 Go for Lift-off  Pre-pedal bike checks should include: pump-up tires, lube chain, charged batteries in your front and rear lights.

2 Dress for Success Just because it wasn’t raining when you looked out the window, doesn’t mean it won’t start the moment you walk out the door. Wear one less layer than is “warm” if you were standing outside.

**In the rain - being a little wet is cleaner and more comfortable than layering up too much and sweating like crazy and/or consider installing fenders for your comfort and that of the rider behind you.**

3 Fastest Fails Your most direct route isn’t always best.  Plan your route ahead of time opting for less traveled roads, less traffic lights, established bike lanes or paths.

4 Sharing is Caring Review your hand signals and shared use etiquette on the road. Use your voice or bell to politely but LOUDLY announce your presence.

5 Bright Lights, how we love bright lights Front Light and steady and Rear Red and Blinking.

6 Join the bike-pool Ride with a co-worker, neighbor, friend, or that stranger in a speed suit with the thighs of steel.

7 Slow and Steady If you don’t have a shower at work - ride easy on the way in, maybe have some wet wipes and definitely a change of clothes.

8 Expect the unexpected Leave more time than you *need* to account for stops, putting your bike away (safe spot indoors if available, otherwise securely locked up outside).

9 Helmets are LAW in Seattle We at MiiR love them everywhere!

10 Riding your bike is exercise Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don’t have bad days, happy people ride bikes.

-with love from MiiR HQ

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