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MiiR x Splash | Partnership for Clean Water

It's no secret that many countries lack the resources to provide adequate public health services and sophisticated water utilities. Access to surface water treatment plants and quality drinking water is a privilege many of us can't imagine living without. Yet, it's a reality for children and families around the world.

MiiR and Splash first partnered in a cooperative effort in November 2016 with a $40,000 grant to benefit 1,200 students (and thousands more in future years) across nine schools in Kathmandu, Nepal. Splash achieved full WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) intervention at all nine schools with water filtration systems and increased water access points, sanitation improvements and hygiene education for lasting behavioral change. So quickly and efficiently was Splash able to accomplish this work that we issued a second grant for $15,000 in February 2017 to benefit another 350 students in four schools.

Splash voluntary effort

Photo Credit: Gavin Gough

About Our Partnership for Clean Water

MiiR’s clean water footprint with Splash has since expanded beyond Nepal to start Splash Ethiopia, China and India. After a year and a half of working together, we consider Splash to be one of our core partners, sharing in a symbiotic relationship with deep organizational alignment around integrity, transparency and innovation. In an ongoing collaborative capacity, both companies do what we do best, spanning the for-profit and non-profit sectors, to achieve a greater social and environmental impact.

splash drinking water quality

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Splash's Partnership for Safe Water Program

Like many drinking water organizations, Splash is in the “business” of clean water, clean hands and clean toilets for kids living in urban poverty. This means taking a multifaceted approach to water suppliers and treatment plants in under-privileged areas. With a greater than 99% success rate and a commitment to transparency by making their project results available to the public, Splash’s story is one MiiR easily and readily shares, and with good reason. Today, Splash serves those most vulnerable to death by water-borne illness to the tune of more than 400,000 children in eight countries, and is on track to provide excellence in water treatment with a reach of one million by 2023!

Splash high quality water

Photo Credit: Gavin Gough

Splash doesn’t shy away from setting lofty goals for continuous improvement, one of them being to reach every public school in Kolkata, India with the trifecta of clean high-quality water, clean hands and clean toilets. With the urban density of the city having exceeded more than three times that of New York City, this is by no means easy work. Yet progress is being made, with Splash serving 40,113 children in India daily. 

MiiR is honored to support the voluntary effort of Splash by partnering with an organization that is successfully moving the needle on improving water quality and providing clean water to communities. 

Learn More about Splash and the Partnership for Clean Water

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Photo Credit: Gavin Gough

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