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2020 Resolutions and Intentions — What We Learned From You

The first of this month marked the start of a new year — and a new decade. At MiiR, environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our work, principles, and actions. We believe in this so wholeheartedly that in 2020, we've committed to go through the Climate Neutral certification process. While we're working toward a greener, lighter carbon footprint, we wanted to hear from you on resolutions, commitments, and shifts you are making to reduce your individual carbon footprint.

Crowdsourcing ideas, tips, and resolutions from our Instagram community, we asked for — and received — practices we can each introduce into our everyday lives that encourage a more gentle impact on our planet. Keep reading for a roundup of the incredible ideas and resources you shared in commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle!

Let’s start by talking daily routines — from making your morning pour over to eating out at night, these are some creative tips we learned:

  • Instead of using compostable coffee filters, substitute paper for metal or muslin (which is plain-weave cotton)
  • Only allow yourself to purchase coffee if and when you bring reusable drinkware with you
  • When you eat out and have leftovers, come prepared with reusable food storage containers and refuse the single-use take-out containers
  • Even better — stay in and cook your own food instead of buying packaged goods (think: crackers, bread, cereal, cookies, granola, etc.)
  • Spend more time outside! Creating space in your life to connect with nature amplifies your appreciation of it

As a company with family, friends, and business all over the world, we are in constant motion. Aside from flying less and bringing reusable drinkware (which is our forever default tip!), here are some sustainability tips and tricks that we can each feasibly practice when planning our 2020 travels:

  • Vacation closer to home and look for destinations with sustainable infrastructure. If you’re road-tripping (or vanlife'ing), look into adding a solar panel to your car. And! Spend more days exploring one spot (which equals less driving, flying, and emissions emitted)
  • When shopping prior to hitting the road, shop recycled or up-cycled gear before buying new
  • Bring reusable drinkware, utensils, and straws
  • If you intend to grocery shop at your destination, throw a tote bag in your luggage so you can bring it to the store with you!
  • Offset travel impact through Carbon Fund or a similar, credible site

When you’re not traveling, we wanted to learn what you intend to practice in your home to encourage a greener footprint. Some of your suggestions:

  • Buy used furniture — so much gets thrown away when it's in great condition (especially nursery furniture!)
  • Put chopped ivy leaves in a cloth bag and use it as an alternative to laundry detergent — it works great on stains and doesn't leave a pungent fragrance
  • Make your own natural cleaners (white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon are a great start)
  • Limit the amount of red meat (and animal product) you consume
  • Instead of single-use paper towels or napkins, try cotton, linen (which is made of flax plant), or chamois (made from sheepskin) towels. Bamboo is a great alternative if you are still exploring the compostable, single-use route
  • Invest in an e-book and learn how to make more vegetable-based, locally-sourced dishes! 

    Whether daily or monthly, the majority of us shop with some regularity. Avoiding fast fashion trends is one way to exercise a greener mindset; some other resolutions (and helpful pieces of advice) to shop more sustainably are:

    • Before you replace an otherwise functional item of clothing, look into repairing minor damages
    • When you're not repairing or restitching, thrift shop! Cue Macklemore
    • Invest in classically-styled, well-sourced pieces of clothing (think: your classic white t-shirt, a good pair of jeans, a simple black blazer, etc.). These items will withstand the test of time and not fade as fads often do. Some of our favorite clothing brands: Everlane, Marine Layer, Patagonia, and ABLE
    • When shopping produce, buy seasonal and local, and when possible, support community farmers by subscribing to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription. Seattle-based? One of our favorites is the Ecolibrium Farms CSA

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