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Weekend Agenda: Fall Homebrew Recipe from Aslan Brewing Co.

It's that time of the yeara new season inspires new flavors, and Oktoberfest festivities prompt a newfound appreciation for ale of every kind. In celebration of Fall, one of our CustoMiiR partners, Aslan Brewing Co., lets us into their brewing process and leaves us with a homebrew recipe suited for the season.

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Aslan has always been a unique and valued partner because of its sustainable operations and quality assurance—everything you see on their shelves is produced and packaged in their Bellingham, WA facility. As they gear up to open their Fremont, Seattle location, we are excited to see them grow and continue to excel in the local, yet exceptional, craft beer space.

At MiiR, sustainability has become an increasing priority for us. And, when it comes to sustainability, Aslan has always set a remarkable example. As Louise Gearhart, Aslan's Community Outreach and Merchandise Director, explains, "Aslan conserves everywhere we can, particularly on the water and CO2 side of things. We use as little as half of the amount of water and one-fourth of the amount of CO2 as the average brewery." Crafting great beer demands a lot of water, and Aslan is working to leave as environmentally-friendly of a footprint as they can. For example, "whenever [they] can, [they] allow beers to naturally carbonate themselves, rather than force carbonation like the majority of breweries in America." And, for quality assurance, they have "one of the most advanced Quality Control Programs in the region. [They] run high-level analytics at every stage of the brewing process to ensure that [their] beer is not only going to taste great but also taste great for a longer period of time." At Aslan, it's important that their beer can endure the potential damages that can happen during distribution.

Earlier this month, we discussed how Aslan is creating innovative (and tasty) Fall beers according to their high stands of sustainability, quality, and taste—enjoy!

MiiR: Louise! We meet again. Share a rundown of Aslan's new Fall beers that you're in the process of releasing.

Louise: We are super excited to release new and returning seasonal beers this Fall, particularly a handful of German-style favorites like Üla (an ungespundet lager), Dunkles (a dunkel lager), Rauch Bock (a smoked dark lager), and our Holiday Ale (an imperial altbier). Match that with a few one-off IPA's, including a heady double IPA dubbed Lambo Tape Deck, and there will be plenty of beers available to warm you up from the inside out. Fall beers, like much of the German-style beers we are producing this season, are often more full and malt-forward, straying away from the light and crisp beers of Summer and offering the body and warmth needed this time of year. 

M: How does Aslan's brew team decide on Fall recipes?

L: Though our Head Brewer, Frank Trosset, leads the production of our beer, it is really a team effort when it comes to deciding what beers to make each season. Whether it is from the brew team, marketing team, or anyone else within the company, we keep an open ear to new ideas and formulations. Some of our favorite beers have been inspired simply by people who drink beer, not necessarily make the beer. That being said, Frank will take our inspiration and make sure it is produced to the quality standards for which we are known. 

Aslan Brewing, CustoMiiR Camp Cup

M: We'd love to learn a homebrew recipe featuring some Fall flavors.

L: We're sharing a favorite fall beer that is bright and spicy! The best thing is to drink one of these in the sun outside on a crisp October afternoon. It just smells like fall. 


Original Ginger Rye Recipe:

Target OG 1.054 // Target FG 1.010 // Target IBU 39 // Target SRM 6.4



    • 10 lbs Pale Ale malt
    • 1.5 lbs Rye malt
    • .25 lbs Dextrin malt
    • .25 lbs Honey malt



(1) Mash the Pale Ale, Rye, Dextrin, and Honey malt at 150F for 60 minutes

(2) Add 1oz of Cascade hops and boil for 60 minutes

(3) Add .5oz of Citra hops with 20 minutes left of the boil

(3) Add 4oz of freshly grated ginger root with 12 minutes left of the boil

(3) Whirlpool for 20 minutes, adding one zested lime

(4) Ferment with American ale yeast at 68F

(5) Dry hop with 1oz Citra and 2oz fresh grated ginger for five days

(6) Chill and serve up in your beer drinkware of choice!

Aslan Fall Beer Recipe

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