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Weekend Agenda | Mindfulness and Mojito Recipe During COVID-19

In today's Weekend Agenda, professional athlete and small business owner, David Perry of David Perry Jewelry, shares how he has learned to exercise agility and adaptability in light of COVID-19 and the ramifications this pandemic has had on his business, travel, and personal plans.

While always important, mindfulness has become an increasingly valued and necessary muscle to build, and David shares how he has worked to implement a semblance of normalcy into his new routine.

David also shares the perfect mojito recipe below. Let's dive in!


The Early Days of 2020

On February 29th, days before the United States introduced limited travel to and from Europe, I was in France for the Paris Half Marathon. Given the increasingly threatening concerns about COVID-19, it's no surprise that the race was promptly cancelled. Two days later, my well-intended plans continued to drastically shift and devolve as travel continued to restrict; Italy was boarding up, and my plan to fly down to Sicily became moot.

Morning coffee in Paris

I scheduled a day-of flight back home to New York where I was welcomed with more overwhelming news of the virus. My jet lag had yet to wear before I learned that my work with Adidas, where I led running groups and coached runners in New York City, was put on pause...indefinitely.

As my sense of routine and normalcy was getting more and more rocked, I booked a flight to Colorado to regroup at my parent's home outside of Boulder. 

Re-Centering During COVID-19

Let's take it a step back: I’m a runner, coach, jewelry designer, coffee drinker, and (usually) a New York City resident. Seeking refuge in Boulder has almost felt like a dream; an alternative reality. Some days seem normal, productive, and give me the feeling of some bit of momentum in my career. Other days, the magnitude and weight of COVID-19 leaves me gazing out the window and wondering when things will settle back to normal. Or be it, a new normal. What does connectedness and stability look like now? What will it look like moving forward?

I intended to stay in Colorado for 2-3 weeks; however, six weeks, three snowstorms, sprinkled in days of 80+ degree early-summer heat, and roughly 300 miles of running later, and my sense of routine has continued to be completely challenged.

MiiR Give Cup

Striving for Normalcy

Like nearly every single one of us planners, dreamers, travelers, business owners, Americans, and global citizens  I have worked had to strive for normalcy amidst a drastically different day-in and -out. Through seeking to find solidarity with my community when isolation is what's best for public health, I have been able to continue to pursue my goals while still constantly weighing and balancing the ceaselessness of this uncertainty. 

My landscape has changed, from concrete streets with towering buildings to wide-open roads with a cutout of mountains on the horizon; my intentions to create and support great ideas and people has not. Maintaining my footing as the world continues to evolve has been the great balancing act.

Running outside

Things that have stayed normal  nuances that ground me in the comfort and familiarity of my former routine  is my first cup of coffee in the morning, followed by emails, a few calls, then catching some miles outside. It's simple, but I've learned that it's through this simplicity that we can find and maintain stability.

Amidst the miles and remote work, I’m still catching 15 minutes of meditation at some point in my everyday. There is no certainty on when this new normal may set in, but my mantra stays the same. By practicing positivity, presence, and patience, good things will happen.

MiiR Morning Coffee

The Perfect Mojito Recipe

During this time, I am excited to have learned a new skill during my stay in Colorado: my father passed down his “Perfect Mojito” recipe.

Trust that it’s not just the ingredients, it's the process of combining the tastes and feeling (or, tasting) it out as you go. Missed my IG Live with MiiR Founder & CEO, Bryan? You can catch it here. Together (even when across the country from one another), we shared a conversation over this mojito about our current state, mindset, and dreams about a path forward. 


  • Mount Gay Eclipse Rum
  • Spearmint
  • Patron Citronge, Orange Liqueur
  • Lime
  • Ice


  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Muddler (or, I use a wooden spoon or a rolling pin)
  • MiiR 16oz Pint Cup
MiiR Pint Cup

You can continue to follow David's journey on his Instagram, and we encourage you to check out David Perry Jewelry here. Thank you for reading along!

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