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Weekend Agenda: In Bloom With Mountain Runner, Connor Koch

It’s been a while, but I’m injured again. I’ve accepted it as the cost of doing business, the price I pay to play hard in the mountains. I suppose I’ll be paying with interest as I age, but that’s a problem for another day. It’s been the darkest winter of my life, and this injury is a blessing in disguise -- rather than reaching for some new summit, another notch in my belt, I’ve been forced to sit still, to let the negativity and adversity fall away around me as I battle forward into a spring of tremendous growth and renewal.


Process. Routine. Presence. It’s a lot easier to say these words, to define them and understand them, than it is to practice them. To live them. I’m trying my best. Most days, that commitment starts with coffee. I’m on the road a lot, so simple and replicable is just fine. You can leave the scale at home for this one:

  1. Pick your beans -- I like to grab a bag of something local wherever I find myself. Preferably light roast. Bonus points for Ethiopian beans. 

  2. Grind -- not too fine, not too coarse. Slightly finer than sea salt is just right for the Pourigami. 3 tablespoons will do the trick. 

  3. Boil -- Bring 12 oz. water to a boil and be ready to pour immediately. 

  4. Prep -- Place the paper filter in the brewer, set it up on your favorite cup, and wet the filter with hot water. Add your ground coffee to the wet filter. Dump the filter water out of the cup.

  5. Bloom -- Pour enough water to saturate all the grounds, stirring to coat if necessary. Let the water trickle through for ~30 seconds. 

  6. Pour -- Slowly pour the remainder of your hot water over the grounds, filling to the top of the brewer and letting it slowly drip through. This will take 2-3 rounds depending on the age and roast level of your beans.

  7. Finish -- Once the water has all dripped through, pull the brewer off and dispose of the filter and beans. You know the rest. 


Pour Over Coffee Outside

I awake high up in the San Juans, perched amidst the aspen and the elk and the birds of prey, encircled by the high peaks that defined my early 20’s. I’ve lived all around the west, bouncing between ranges and deserts, but nothing feels like home as much as Colorado. I walk out on the deck and start the first cup of coffee, the cup that sets the tone for the day.

The steel grey clouds roll in as I sit on the railing and look out over the red cliffs and open timber of southwest Colorado. The spring storms are here, unpredictable and volatile and cleansing. I’m here, too, embracing the process. Carving out routine. Being present in the storm. I savor the drops hitting my face, knowing the wildflowers will soon be in bloom. 

Pourigami and Howler

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