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Weekend Agenda: Copper Camp Cup Adventures Between the Pine

Mollie Adams radiates the kind of warmth that makes the changing season's chill that much more exciting and enjoyable. Recently, she has focused her energy and career towards her elopement photography business, Between the Pine. As an artist, her camera is a vessel to the warm moments she witnesses and captures. As we were gearing up to launch the new and improved Copper Camp Cupwhich is a different type of vessel that allows you to fully maximize and enjoy warm momentswe knew Mollie could help us capture this story. In today's Weekend Agenda, she shares how she finds inspiration in her craft, routine, and the Cascades Mountains where she lives with her stud of a husband and sweet, kind dog Gracie. Enjoy!

I’ve been drawn to the outdoors since I was little. The mountains possess a greater sense of home more than anywhere else I’ve had the opportunity to explore. So, it’s not surprising to anyone that I now call a little mountain town outside of Seattle my home. Living in a mountain town has opened up so many new moments to find inspiration. Each morning, I wake up to a view of dense pine trees (yes, I sometimes feel like I live in a treehouse). Then, I get to peak out at Mount Si as I make my morning coffee. Then, my Goldendoodle and I will occasionally take a short drive to a trailhead for a quick morning hike to dream and brainstorm. It is so amazing to live in an environment that cultivates inspiration. 

MiiR Copper Camp Cup

MiiR Copper Camp Cup

Not only do I love the mountains enough to live in them, but I have also made them a part of my career. As an adventure elopement photographer, I get to welcome my clients into the environment where I feel most at home. It’s not uncommon for me to start talking about the specific varieties of pine trees, weather patterns around the mountain, or even the history behind fire lookouts during my adventurous photography sessions with my clients. I truly can’t help but nerd-out and brag on the amazing environment around us. 

MiiR Copper Camp Cup

I naturally gravitate towards darker, richer tones for my photography style, which makes Fall my favorite time of year to capture photos for clients. I truly love experiencing Autumn in the mountains. The higher elevation causes the mountains to be a step ahead of the city when it comes to transitioning into the cooler seasons. By being in the mountains, you get a sneak peek at what the rest of the world will experience: bright orange and yellow leaves, crisp air and fog that dances among the earth. I love getting to share photos of couples among these rich Autumn environments because their photos serve as a window into a world that people distant from the mountains eagerly await to experience (I’m originally from the Midwest, so I know what it is like to experience highs in the 90s in late September).

As an adventure elopement photographer, it’s easier to incorporate the warm tones of Autumn into my work because of the stark contrast of the bright, fire-like leaves and the cool, dark tone of the fog and clouds. When my couples are planning their Fall elopements and weddings, the season truly dictates the feel and color tones of their details, like the bouquet, textures and the location.

MiiR Copper Camp Cup

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the MiiR Copper Camp Cup! I even have special "Between the Pine" Camp Cups I send to each of my clients who allow me to capture their wedding day. My Camp Cup helps me to stay focused (especially during sunrise sessions; I’m still working on becoming a morning person) and enjoy the adventures I get to experience with my couples. I believe in the Leave No Trace commitment as I venture through the mountains. This means I work hard to have the least amount of impact on my environment. I love using MiiR's reusable water bottles and Camp Cups as a way to reduce the amount of single-use waste I produce. I have so many Camp Cups on hand that I tend to choose which one to use based on how I’m feeling that day. In the Fall, I have found myself reaching for the Copper Camp Cup more and more as the seasons transition. But, no matter what the season may be, my Camp Cup is sure to be filled with coffee in the morning and red wine by the evenings.

MiiR Copper Camp Cup

Looking for an elopement photographer or interested in following Mollie (and Gracie's!) adventures? Head to Mollie's Instagram! Also, a huge shout-out to Cortlyn Adams whose copywriting expertise helped Mollie bring this piece to life.

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