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Weekend Agenda: What's Used Made Useful with Topo Chico

MiiR x Topo Chico. A match made in our upcycling dreams. 

We've always admired Topo Chico for their upcycled products and commitments to reuse before recycle. So, when we connected with them about designing a limited run of custom products together, we knew it had to incorporate reusability in some way. After identifying a batch of misprinted Tumblers sitting in the back of our warehouse, we worked with their team to come up with a design that would cover the old prints and give these Tumblers a new life. 

But we didn't stop there! We wanted to give you a chance to get involved in the upcycling movement with step-by-step instructions on how to turn your Topo Chico bottles into a succulent holder. ⁠

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Head to our instagram page and tag a friend you want to do an upcycling project with on our latest post for a chance to win.

Have you ever looked at your empty bottle and wished you had a functional reason to keep it around? Look no further, plant tips are here! (We’re looking at all of you newfound at-home plant parents...) We partnered with Topo Chico to bring you this DIY at home project of turning your Topo Chico bottles into nifty little succulent holders. We can't wait to see all of your awesome creations!  


Step 1: Drink Your Topo ChicoMiiR Topo Chico

Drink enough Topo Chico to have a collection of empty bottles ;)


Step 2: Etch Your Glass 

Etch your glass with a fine line around the circumference of the bottle. Keep the pressure and speed at which you rotate the glass even. You should be able to hear a slight 'crunch' sound as you're rotating the bottle, indicating that the glass is being etched. Don't have a glass etcher? No problem, we picked ours up here.


Step 3: Boil Water & Create Ice Bath

Boil a large container of water until feverishly rolling, make sure your container is large enough to fully submerse your Topo Chico bottle. Then, create an ice bath, again, make sure you can fully submerse your Topo Chico bottle.


Step 4: Alternate Between Hot & Cold Bath

Place your etched Topo Chico bottle into the hot bath for 10-15 seconds, then immediately place the bottle into the cold bath for 10-15 seconds. Alternate hot and cold baths until step 5.


Step 5: Glass Separation

After one to two alternating hot and cold water baths, your bottle will separate at the etch mark and you will be left with a cut Topo Chico bottle!


Step 6: Sand Your Glass

Sand the rim of your glass to prevent any sharp edges.


Step 7: Fill With a Succulent

Now that your container is all ready, fill the bottom with your favorite potting soil. Next add your new succulent, pack it in with soil, and pour in a bit of water. Sit back and enjoy your new creation! 

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