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Welcome to Stumptown

Andy Bokanev on

We are happy to announce that we have selected Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters as the next featured guest roaster at MiiR Flagship. Starting on September 1 and running through the end of October, we will be featuring a rotating selection of latest pour over options, as well as retail bags, bottled cold brew and merchandise available for sale.

Stumptown requires no introduction for coffee devotees, having been at the forefront of coffee innovation since its inception in 1999. But it is their efforts in sustainability and empowerment that get our attention. “Stumptown supports farmers, who are willing to make the next step toward obtaining their carbon neutral certification, as well as helping farmers around the world create sustainable farms and creating jobs,” said Jonathon Duncan, the Manager of Guest Roaster relationships at MiiR. “Also, Stumptown’s single origin coffees are always blowing my mind.“

We have selected two single origin coffees for our initial pour over options. The El Injerto Bourbon from Guatemala and Ethiopia Duromina.

We will continue to introduce new single origin coffees during Stumptown's two month stay at Flagship, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed of the latest options and tasting events.

Join us September 1st starting at 5PM for the MiiR x Stumptown Launch Party.

Guatemala El injerto Bourbon -

This year, El Injerto became the first Guatemalan farm to obtain carbon neutral certification, raising the bar for the industry once again. Since 1905, Finca El Injerto has produced exceptional coffee with a commitment to respecting and preserving the natural resources of the Huehuetenango region. To this day, more than half of Injerto is a thousand-year-old forest that surrounds the coffee plantation, preserving the delicate micro-climate required to grow exquisite Arabica coffee. Arturo Aguirre owns and operates the farm with his son, Arturo Jr. They run it with dedication to sustaining a farming community and a meticulous approach to processing the highest quality coffee in Guatemala.

As the climate warms, the Aguirres have noticed that farms have begun to move higher up the mountain to achieve former climactic conditions. Unfortunately, this decreases the number of trees on the mountainside and further escalates the cycle of climate change. Since the renowned father and son team recognize the importance of environmental responsibility, they voluntarily give (and help plant) tree saplings to the locals who live at higher elevations near their farm in order to help preserve the forest.

The Aguirres also protect the land through sustainable agricultural methods: coffee parchment becomes fuel for mechanical dryers; they alter mill water prior to returning

it to rivers to avoid pollution downstream; they manage weeds strictly by machete with no fungicides, herbicides or insecticides; worms break down coffee cherry to become fertilizer; and shade trees promote air circulation and control the sunlight received by the coffee plants.

Arturo Sr. and Jr. ensure perfect cherry selection and utilize cherry rotation to sort by density. Disc depulpers remove the cherry prior to extended fermentation, which can last up to 72 hours due to the cold temperatures typical at this altitude. The coffee is double washed and soaked. Patio pre-drying prepares the beans for a final low temperature drum drying. To better understand the coffee and nuances of their production, they have a cupping lab at the farm.  The coffee is wonderful, it is full of body and extremely good as a pour over, reminds me of eating a dried chocolate mangos.  

Tasting notes : Orange - Milk Chocolate - Almond.


Ethiopia Duromina -

Duromina Cooperative sits in the yellowed highlands of the Goma District in the Oromia Region of Western Ethiopia. Farmers cultivate coffee in small plots near their homes and on densely shaded hillsides. Coffee has been cultivated here for generations, but prior to 2011, it was all dry processed and sold to local traders at a low rate. Duromina, which means ‘improve their lives’ in the Afan Oromo language, was formed in 2010 by farmers who wanted to do just that. Immediately thereafter, they received a loan from the bank, constructed a wet mill,

and began processing washed coffee. From Stumptown’s purchases in 2011, Duromina paid o their entire washing station loan in just one year, rather than the anticipated four years.

Duromina entices new members with competitive pricing while keeping sustainability at the forefront. They depulp their coffee cherries with demucilagers that use less water, then soak the coffee overnight. The clean parchment is then dried in the sun for 7-10 days. They built a second washing station and expanded their cherry collection sites in 2013, then added a third washing station in 2016 with an even lower water impact. They divert the water used at their washing stations through a filtering area before it returns to the river.

Duromina also invests in their community. The village used to be inaccessible during the rainy season, so the co-op worked with the government to co-fund a road project and built a bridge to give them year-round access. They also expanded the primary school up to 8th grade to strengthen education and are constructing a health clinic. They purchased a dual purpose school bus to bring their kids to school and provide a way to move coffee cherry from collection sites to the wet mills. Families can now afford to send their children to secondary school in a nearby town. Farmers have improved their homes with new roofs, furniture and solar power. Just this year Duromina formed a new union, Kata Muduga Union, with other Western Oromia Co-ops, including the Nano Challa Co-op. They hope the new union will represent their collective interests better while furthering their dedication to high quality coffee.

Tasting notes : Apricot, Bergamot, Lime.


We will continue to introduce new single origin coffees during Stumptown's two month stay at Flagship, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay informed of the latest options.

Join us September 1st starting at 5PM for the MiiR x Stumptown Launch Party.

Photos and coffee descriptions courtesy of Stumptown.