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A Letter from Our Founder in Honor of Climate Week

 Earlier this week, we announced that we are working to become Climate Neutral Certified. Today, Bryan Papé, MiiR CEO & Founder, shares why he made the decision to lead MiiR towards carbon offsets and increased corporate responsibility.

September 26, 2019

MiiR Supporter,

Ten years ago I began to fulfill a lifelong dream of building my own company with transparent giving baked into the model from day one. While the model has at times proved challenging, thanks to the unwavering support of our customers, MiiR has been able to grant over $1,000,000 to nonprofits around the world that share our mission of empowerment. And we’re just getting started.

The health of our environment is something we take seriously. We pride ourselves on being the solution to the single-use drinkware epidemic that is plaguing our oceans, beaches and waterways, and we lead with our commitment to funding trackable giving projects that support clean water, a healthy environment and strong communities.

Environmentalism is rooted in our very name. "MiiR" is a tip of the cap to the incredible John Muir who, by sharing the majesty of Yosemite to President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903, helped cement the Yosemite area as a national park. Additionally, "mir" in eastern European languages loosely translates to ‘world’ or ‘peace'. Our name inspires us to move toward protecting natural beauty and fostering global peace and equity for a better future.

We know our climate is suffering on a global scale; we also know that without widespread effort from both citizens and corporations all over the world, our planet won’t be for our young people what it was for our generation.

Earlier this year, I and other MiiR leaders made the decision to become Climate Neutral Certified. Climate Neutral is an independent nonprofit organization working to enlist companies and consumers in the fight against climate change by helping measure, reduce and offset brands’ entire carbon footprints. Along with Climate Neutral, we see a future where every company neutralizes their carbon footprint as a fundamental part of doing business, and where consumers have the tools to choose brands based on their climate and environmental commitments. 

When enough companies certify Climate Neutral, together we will: 1] Cut carbon emissions; 2] Drive funding to low carbon technologies; 3] Send proof to policymakers that businesses are ready to act against climate change. 

In the words of Eric Artz, REI Co-op CEO and President, “We do not have the luxury to dismiss climate change as a political issue. It’s a human issue and an impending crisis that we cannot afford to ignore, no matter how uncomfortable that makes us feel.”

Let’s commit to improving the world around us, together. Let’s do it for us and for those to come. 

Bryan Papé
MiiR Founder & CEO

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