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Giving made!

Rebecca Pape on

A note from the MiiR Impact Team

Even if you’re new to the MiiR community and story, you probably already know that as a company, we love to give and do so boldly. In fact, we consider it part of our DNA and even built a movement around it called Product to Project™.

Until recently, we gave in such a way that sales from each of our product categories funded a correlated giving project. 

We took a step back and simplified. 

Every MiiR product continues to fund a trackable giving project, but with fewer constraints and more flexibility. For example, a bottle can now fund a clean water and health project, and a journal can now fund a project beyond education resources, because all sales contribute to one big bucket o’ give. 

MiiR Give

What hasn’t changed:
Our giving partners and the MiiR giving philosophy
MiiR gives to trackable giving projects around the world
Every MiiR product includes a Give Code™ for total transparency

As always, know with confidence that your purchase of a MiiR product is making a difference by supporting clean water and health projects. And remember to register your Give Code™ to experience the story behind the give!


- Rebecca Pape
Director of Impact

Register your Give Code here.