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Pivoting For Their Communities | An Update From Three Nonprofit Partners

Every individual, organization, and community has its own unique needs. This universal fact has been made even more clear following the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. The only way MiiR is able to have such a positive impact on the world is by aligning ourselves with organizations that are dedicated to doing tireless, on-the-ground work. The far-reaching ripple effects of the pandemic have made that work increasingly difficult to do, but like much of the world, our nonprofit partners have leaned in even further to supporting those who need it most. We checked in with a few of them to see how they are responding to the needs of their respective communities. 

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Image from DR, nonprofit partner Wine To Water

Wine To Water

We believe the world is made better by people coming together and caring for the needs of others. Water is essential not just to survive, but to thrive - and that is why we are committed to supporting life and dignity for all through the power of clean water.

Though Wine to Water (W|W) is always focused on improving lives by raising funds and working on the ground to increase access to clean water, when COVID-19 hit, their teams swiftly pivoted to fabricate mobile handwashing stations. This critical initiative is focused on helping hospitals + clinics, police stations, and essential businesses who lack proper sanitation to protect staff, patients and the public. In the Dominican Republic, where MiiR has supported their work, W|W has constructed 59 mobile handwashing stations, in addition to amplifying their stellar WASH education with a social media campaign around preventing the spread of the virus.

Closer to home, W|W has set up a Box Program to help fight increased food insecurity brought on by the pandemic. In the first week, they gave away 16,000 meals to servers who lost their jobs in the service industry. The program has since grown to support anyone who has lost their job due to the pandemic.

To donate directly to Wine To Water, head here

Leader from nonprofit partner, Women's Wilderness

Women's Wilderness

“Our mission is to support girls, women and LGBTQ+ people in accessing their power and improving their health through outdoor and community connections.”

An update from Women's Wilderness:

It’s estimated that over 1 billion young people worldwide will have their education and extracurricular activities disrupted during this pandemic. Millions will die and even more will become ill. The risks of social isolation, contraction of the virus, and the cascading impacts of the virus on the economy and all aspects of life are greater for some. Many will experience trauma during this time, but socioeconomics, race, and gender/sexuality will play a huge role in the depth and breadth of COVID-19 impacts.

[Because of this disproportionate impact] we've decided to move forward with our summer programming in July and August for girls' and LGBTQ+ youth. We know it's a critical time to support them from a mental and physical health perspective. Our focus for this season will be on resiliency. We've worked with a physician and mental health expert to develop a COVID-19 Policies and Procedures guideline for both participants/families and our staff. Beyond our own policies, we’ll be closely following CDC, State, and local guidance, with safety/health as our North Star.

To donate directly to Women's Wilderness, head here

Image from field, nonprofit partner Splash


Splash is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions to children living in urban poverty in Africa and Asia.” 

Splash is helping the communities they work with face the COVID-19 crisis in three main ways. Much of their work is exploring interventions that can influence long term behavior and help guard against the spread of disease in the future. From Splash:

Direct COVID-19 Support in Hospitals and Schools: In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, some of the schools where we work are being converted into quarantine centers for people who may have been exposed to COVID-19. This means that those quarantined and the health care workers treating them will have access to clean water and Splash handwashing stations, both of which are critical to their care. In addition, at the request of the government, as part of their efforts to protect their citizens, Splash is deploying handwashing stations and hygiene messaging to six hospitals in the capitol. 

Rural Handwashing Stations Development: Splash is working to build on our decade of technical expertise to create customized handwashing products for maximum impact in rural institutional and health care facility settings to meet increasing demand from the sector at this time to address current and future COVID-19 relief and other humanitarian needs. The design process will take into account a range of contexts (e.g. schools, health centers, community centers, and disaster relief settings), water access and pressure, and availability of electricity.

Handwashing Challenge: Splash is exploring a partnership with Whiz Kids Workshop to develop a 21-day behavior change package to deliver through schools in Addis Ababa when they re-open. Research shows that 21 days is the optimum time needed for children to change their behavior so that it becomes a habit. The program would be contextualized for the urban environment of the capitol...Targeted behaviors will include handwashing with soap at key times, covering one’s mouth when coughing, social distancing, etc. The goal of the program will be to create long-term habit formation.

To donate directly to Splash, head here

Splash COVID update

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