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Product to Project Through the Years

In celebration of reaching a huge company milestone  $1,000,000 in transparent, sustainable giving  our Founder & CEO Bryan Papé spent some time reflecting on the partners, projects and people MiiR has supported over the years through its Product to Project® model. Though nearly impossible to choose, we’ve recapped a handful of projects we are most proud to have supported and best portray the work accomplished and the work to come as we continue to drive toward empowering people for a better future.

Project #1 (2011) | MiiR x Well Done Organization, Liberia | Clean Water

MiiR proudly funded its first three hand-dug water wells with Well Done Organization outside of Buchanan, Liberia. MiiR Co-Founders Bryan and Rebecca Papé traveled there to meet and celebrate with the communities impacted by this dramatic life improvement.

Project #19 (2016) | MiiR x Splash in Nepal | Clean Water

MiiR’s first grant to Splash funded clean water, clean hands and clean toilets across nine schools in Kathmandu, Nepal. To date and over $200,000 later, over 8,000 students and adults in Asia and Africa have benefited from this partnership.

Project #21 (2017) | MiiR x Water1st in Bangladesh | Clean Water 

MiiR and clean water partner Water1st first came together to bring 8 water systems, one toilet and hygiene education to people living in the urban slums of Demra, Bangladesh. Each water system and toilet constructed dramatically improves health and relieves women from the daily stress of collecting water.

Project #40 (2017) | MiiR x Boise Bicycle Project in Boise, Idaho | Strong Communities

A nod to our CEO & Founder’s hometown, MiiR partnered with the Boise Bicycle Project to support their Shifting Gears program. A cohort of 30 incarcerated women opted-in for bicycle mechanic training with the goal of developing employable skills and earning a bicycle of their own upon release. Bicycles built and repaired by the women were donated to children of low-income families in the area around the holidays, most of whom had never owned a bike.

2018 | MiiR x The Conservation Alliance | Healthy Environment

The Conservation Alliance connects businesses and organizations to protect and restore America’s wild places. By directing 100% of annual membership dues to community-based campaigns, The Conservation Alliance leverages national partnerships to effect change at the local level. MiiR joined the Alliance in 2018 and has continued to fund the organization beyond membership fees in an effort to build capacity and deepen the partnership.

Project #43 (2018) | MiiR x Water1st in Honduras | Clean Water

In honor of World Water Day, MiiR and The Starbucks Foundation teamed up with Water1st to fund a clean water project impacting a rural coffee-growing community comprised of 48 households in Lempira, Honduras. Sourced by a mountain spring, the solution included a water system and toilet in every home, hygiene education and community training to ensure long-term sustainability and durability of the system.

Project #45 (2018) | MiiR x Viva Farms in Skagit County, WA | Strong Communities

Viva Farms’ Agricultural Park in Skagit County received MiiR's first local grant. The $35,000 funded a new well and irrigation system, creating water access to 45 acres of land and supporting up to eight farm businesses per year for 25+ years. Both the well and irrigation system serve as an educational resource for intermediate farmers and other farm businesses to ensure the next generation of farmers have the access and knowledge to use water wisely. 

Project #50 (2018) | Employee Give: MiiR x Urban Artworks in Seattle, WA | Strong Communities

Established in 2018, MiiR allocates $25,000 annually to the Employee Give, a program designed to encourage its employees to come together, research and make decisions around local grantmaking opportunities. One of two unrestricted grants issued in 2018 was awarded to Urban Artworks, a Seattle-based nonprofit that provides opportunities for underserved youth and contemporary artists to create public works of art.

Project #51 (2018) | Employee Give: MiiR x FEEST in Seattle, WA | Strong Communities

Established in 2018, MiiR allocates $25,000 annually to the Employee Give, a program designed to encourage its employees to come together, research and make decisions around local grantmaking opportunities. One of two unrestricted grants issued in 2018 was awarded to FEEST, an organization working for social justice by building the leadership of young people to gain knowledge, hands-on experience, and skills rooted in food justice and community organizing.

Project #55 (2019) | MiiR x Kula in Rwanda | Strong Communities

MiiR is partnered with Kula to support their vision of eradicating poverty in Rwanda through the development of entrepreneurs. MiiR’s initial grant was twofold: funding the operations of Liddy Women’s Center where fellows receive artisan industry training, female and reproductive health support, family nutrition guidance, and one-on-one mentorship; and funding its farmer field school program, where coffee farmer fellows learn how to exponentially increase their knowledge and skills in coffee growing.

Project #56 (2019) | MiiR x Women’s Wilderness in Boulder, CO | Strong Communities

The MiiR x Women’s Wilderness partnership is representative of the importance of strengthening communities while at the same time advocating for a healthy environment. MiiR’s unrestricted grant provided a financial runway to Women’s Wilderness as they aim to close the gap of underrepresentation of women and non-binary Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) who participate in outdoor activities and work in the outdoor sector.

Project #59 (2019) | MiiR x Yellowstone Forever in Gardiner, MT | Healthy Environment

Yellowstone was our nation’s first National Park and remains one of our most precious natural resources. In 2019 MiiR joined forces with Yellowstone Forever, the park’s official nonprofit fundraising partner, to fund conservation and sustainability projects within the park. Beginning with keystone species and environmental stewardship, a $50,000 grant and continued partnership will help ensure that the ecological, recreational and historical value of the park is preserved for generations to come.

Each and every purchase made this possible. Thank you for encouraging our mission of empowerment, and we are incredibly honored to have had you join us in this milestone. 

Cheers to $1,000,000 granted. Cheers to world change. And cheers to more to come!

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