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ReEmpowered Giving Framework

As MiiR closes in on nearly a decade of driving positive change through enterprise, we thought it an excellent time to look at the unique role we play in the multiple ecosystems we live in. As leaders in the craft coffee, active lifestyle, and beer and wine spaces, we engage with a diverse set of customers, partners, and communities. Coupling this with our philanthropic engagement, it becomes clear that we are a small part of a dynamic system much larger than ourselves.

We are in the business of making premium stainless steel vessels for coffee, beer, food, wine, and of course, water. It’s hard to overstate the importance of these commodities. Arguably, not only do the best moments in life take place around one or more of them, but several are necessary for survival. Considering how critical these goods are to our daily lives, it’s remarkable how little we stop and think about how they arrive in our favorite vessels.

In order for us to enjoy any of these products we love so much, a complex network must spring into action. Growers, packers, roasters, distributors, brewers, cooks, and servers likely all come in contact with our goods before we do. We might purchase it, but we don’t make our morning coffee, and neither does the barista at our favorite coffee shop. Those beans start a world away at a specific elevation in a country with a specific climate, where a grower has spent an entire season picking the fruit and hauling it to washing stations. These cherries are then shipped to roasters, distributors, and to their final destination. Entire communities revolve around each link in this chain.

Honduras CherriesHonduras | Juan Antonio Vasquez

With these intricate connections in mind, we saw an opportunity to expand our impact initiatives and create a new framework for how, and most importantly, why we give. Food, coffee, beer, and wine all rely on three things at their core: water, earth, and the relationship that people have with both. In order to close the loop and support the entire supply chain, we need to make sure these basic ingredients are cared for and nourished.

Food, coffee, beer and wine all rely on three things at their core: water, earth, and the relationship that people have with both.

With renewed focus, MiiR has and will continue to emphasize and celebrate these three fundamental elements by aligning our giving projects to support clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities. In the past, we have supported leaders in the WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) space, and this will continue alongside new environmental and social initiatives. Of course, these issue areas are not always mutually exclusive. In fact, more often than not, they are intertwined. We are enthusiastic and confident that our ever-expanding network of partners will allow us to continue to drive authentic, sustainable change in these lanes of philanthropy.

MiiR Give Framework -- Boise Bicycle ClubMiiR Give Framework -- Boise Bicycle Club

As part of this shift, we have the opportunity to deepen the engagement our community has with our impact work. Moving forward, customers who register their Give Code will get the same project updates they always have, but will also now receive information on advocacy and volunteer opportunities, our nonprofit and B Corp partners, and the issue areas themselves. As part of MiiR’s mission to empower people for a better future, we see this as a chance to go even further beyond grantmaking and provide tools for our customers to take their own actions. We hope you’ll join us on this journey to stay informed about the decisions we make and how they impact the world around us.

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