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SCORES Jamboree

Hayley Reed on

While MiiR as a company makes a commitment to impact, it also attracts dedicated staff who are passionate about that same mission. A team of Seattle-based MiiRcats spent an afternoon with America SCORES Seattle for their Spring Jamboree, where participating elementary schools from the area took to the soccer fields for a round robin tournament.  

Hayley Reed, Brand Support and Customer Service Wonder Woman, shares her experience of becoming a Roxhill Elementary Super Fan.  

SCORES JamboreeThere were kids spilling all over the field. Some circled up and immediately started a set of coordinating stretches - front forward lunges and head rolls. Others simply made for the sloping hills surrounding the play fields - rolling down in fast spirals, shouting for their teammates to join. All were having the time of their lives.

I wound up rooting for a group of 4th-grade girls from Roxhill Elementary. I was standing on the sidelines, and picked up a handmade sign that read "Roxhill Stars!" And then suddenly I was swarmed by a group of girls in black jerseys asking, "are you from a team? Are you cheering for us?"
MiiRcat Hayley Reed"Sure am!" I said. I told them about how I was with a company called MiiR, and that we had helped sponsor the event. But they didn't really understand, and instead told me they liked my blue eyes. One girl picked me a dandelion, gave it to me shyly. I followed them around all afternoon as they played a series of four games, including one against their rival school (I was told this in hushed, confiding whispers). That game ended in a draw, and the girls were content enough with this. "As long as they don't beat us." Some of the girls on the sidelines taught me a chant they had been practicing - "let's go Rox-hill, let's...go....!"

SCORES JamboreeThis is the first time some of them are playing in a soccer tournament, and they gravitate toward the ball like it is a magnet. I hear their coach (who is also one of their school teachers) tell them to spread out and to wait for the ball to be passed to them. One girl - the smallest on the field with a bejeweled headband that keeps falling down into her eyes, darts in and kicks the ball away from the opponent. She then runs and dribbles the ball all the way up the side of the field, while pushing her headband back up - a whole swarm of girls chasing her. She makes it all the way to the goal before one of the tall girls on the other team stops her, kicking the ball away. But it is the first time Roxhill has made significant progress toward the goal, and the girls on the sidelines are screaming and jumping in joy as they cheer on their teammate. I can see the smile on the small girl’s face from half a field away.

SCORES JamboreeLater, when she takes a water break, I tell her, "you're really good! You are so fast!"

She says, "yeah, I am the smallest. I've always been the smallest. But everyone says I have the biggest heart."

The girl next to her nods and says, "it's true, she does."

"Yeah," she continues, "my mom says that sometimes bullies are big on the outside, but they are just small on the inside. Me? I'm the other way around."

I think I'm close to tears at this point because these girls are so adorable and so strong.

The Roxhill girls didn't end up winning a game. But the smile on their faces is infectious, and they are jumping around and high-fiving each other like they've won a gold medal. They love this. They love being a part of a team.

SCORES Jamboree

America SCORES Seattle provides elementary school students from under-served communities with a five-day-a-week after school program combining literacy and athletics. Learn more about MiiR x America SCORES Seattle here.

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