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SCORES Kids Score

Rebecca Pape on

I've always had a heart for kids. There's something about their innocence, resilience, and curiosity that I find increasingly admirable as I get older. Without even trying, kids are these natural balls of energy, radiating inspiration and creativity. 

Lucky for me, MiiR is partnered with America SCORES Seattle, an organization committed to getting kids practicing teamwork on the soccer field, poetry in the classroom and community service in their neighborhoods. So when it came time to see their program in action, it only made sense to volunteer.

America Scores Seattle

On a sunny 70 degree afternoon, Andy and I headed to Maple Elementary to watch the Maple vs. Hawthorne SCORES soccer game. While Andy paced the perimeter of the field with his camera, I took in the scene - fresh green grass, the blowing of a whistle, ponytails, shin guards, limbs flapping, clapping and cheering from the sidelines. I heard words of encouragement from the coaches:

Big kick!
Throw it forwards, not backwards!

Good defense!
Shoot it!
(and my favorite,
Sorry you got kicked) 

I thought about how we all need this kind of encouragement from time to time. We all need someone on the sidelines of our life, reminding us that we're capable of that "big kick." And I thought about how our collective investment in children is always a sound investment. They really are the living, breathing future.

America Scores Seattle


In this season of longer light and warmer temperatures, I can't let you go without sharing with you this beautiful poem written by SCORES student Linda, age 10:

We are gardeners,
Planting and pulling
And cutting and pruning
We see our plants growing in the
And mother nature hugging us in 
Her arms.
We touch beautiful flowers and 
Soil so soft.
We smell the fragrance of 
Lavender and fresh air.
We hear the wind whistling in
Our ears
And all the grunting and 
Groaning and moaning of effort
As we plant our garden.
We taste our hard work
And all the things that we 
Planted together

- Rebecca Pape
Director of Impact

PS - How amazing is Maple Elementary's creed?
"I know that our country was built by people of all races, and I know that people of all races keep our country great." 


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