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Why We Chose to Become Climate Neutral Certified

We're proud to announce that as of April 22, 2020 — which is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day — we are now Climate Neutral Certified! Annually, we've committed to measuring and offsetting 100% of our carbon footprint while working to reduce emissions. When you see the Climate Neutral label, you can trust that that brand is doing the same thing.

In honor of this milestone, we partnered with Seattle artist Claire Giordano to launch the special release Earth Month Collection. Featuring a custom design and brand new color, this cup honors the seasonality and rhythms that keep our world turning. 

While the world is a different place now, COVID-19 has strengthened our resolve to drive toward a better future and take responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our global community. 

In 2019, MiiR was one of the first brands to commit to becoming carbon neutral through the Climate Neutral certification. One year later, there are clearly new concerns driving us, but the current crisis caused by the pandemic has strengthened our resolve to drive toward a better future by taking responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our planet and its people. As we deal with new levels of isolation we must remember that everything is connected. Healthier systems mean healthier people.  

Fifty years ago, as Denis Hayes was coordinating the first Earth Day, people from all walks of life were banding together, galvanized by the unprecedented environmental disasters happening around them. Incidents like the Lake Erie Fire, the use of DDT, and oil spills off the coast of California were becoming more and more regular, and people were fed up. As egregious as these events were, however, the piece which arguably sparked the most lasting change was the concern about the effect that poor environmental health would have on humans. The increased awareness around the link between environmental degradation and public health inspired both the Clean Air Act (1970) and the Clean Water Act (1972), two of the most impactful pieces of environmental legislation ever created.

Unfortunately, today we find ourselves in a similar position. The world looks much different, but under-resourced communities are still disproportionately affected by both climate change and public health threats. As a company, our love for the outdoors certainly inspires us every day, but we know that climate is so much more than just an environmental or political issue. From the coffee growers of Rwanda to students in the urban core of Kolkata, to farmers in Washington’s Skagit Valley, many of the people MiiR has supported in the past are on the front-line of the world’s crises. We are committed to helping communities face today’s challenges as we do our part to ensure we all have a stable future in which to thrive.  

Mary Joyce, founder and principal consultant at Do Big Good, defines impact succinctly as “benefit minus harm to people and planet.” Over MiiR's 10 year life, we have tried to provide as much benefit to the world as possible, and are now in a position to subtract the harm.

We are proud to announce that MiiR is Climate Neutral Certified.

It’s our belief that we must celebrate bright spots while continuing to work hard on initiatives that support the health of communities around the world. To us, helping empower people for a better future means a commitment to the wellbeing of our global community, both now, and for the long term.

Read more about how the Climate Neutral certification process works here, and learn about our offset partner, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, here

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