Empowerful Podcast: Bridget Connelly, Luna Bay Booch Co-Founder & CEO

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Published on in Podcast
Empowerful Podcast: Bridget Connelly, Luna Bay Booch Co-Founder & CEO

The Empowerful Podcast was created to share the profound stories of movers and shakers who are positively impacting the world. Together, we believe we can amplify that change. We live by the motto of an old African Proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

On the latest episode of our "Founder with Founder" podcast series, we got a chance to (virtually) sit down with Bridget Connelly, the Co-Founder & CEO of Luna Bay Booch. Luna Bay is a hard kombucha brand that is hoping to do things differently. They focus on healthy, organic ingredients and back up their company ethos with commitments like 1% For The Planet. 

We had a great conversation with Bridget about her journey to start Luna Bay, the growing hard kombucha market, and what's coming next for Luna Bay. So grab yourself some 'booch and settle in for a fun conversation!  

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Luna Bay Booch

A Chicago native turned San Diegan, Bridget wanted to create something that combined her passions: brand building, a health-conscious lifestyle, nature and her intrinsic ability to bring people together. In the summer of 2019, Bridget seized opportunity in the market and flexed her entrepreneurial spirit to launch Luna Bay Booch.  

Bridget comes with a background in brand and community building with experience both in the US and abroad. She’s contributed to the success of brands like lululemon, CLIFbar, Ironman, Powerbar, Gillette, Mizuno, Rose and Fitzgerald (which is based in Uganda), and more.  

Having traveled to many corners of the world, Bridget attributes Luna Bay business philosophy of "do good for yourself, for others, for the world around you, and the rest will follow" to her time meeting people in different countries and experiencing different cultures.

Bridget Connelly Luna Bay

Luna Bay was born out of a desire to make a change in the alcohol industry – to brew something better for ourselves, our minds, our planet. From that desire, Bridget and her incredible team created a naturally-brewed hard kombucha with wholesome, ethically sourced ingredients.

Bridget started Luna Bay alongside a team of women passionate about wellness, adventure, community and fun – and they plan to spread those values through simple, honest, boozy 'booch. Luna Bay was the first of its kind to be produced and distributed in Chicago. And now, they are proudly on shelf coast-to-coast. All products are gluten free, low in sugar, vegan, and naturally fermented to 6% for a boozy bite.

We are happy to call Luna Bay a CustoMiiR partner and look forward to many more collaborations in the future!