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Water Project #13 in Honduras

GPS: 14.9005, -88.49541667

Luke Peterson on

The Project

The MiiR Give contributed $10,000 toward a $57,670 grant resulting in a dedicated water supply system in the community of San Pedrito, Honduras. Organized and led by Water1st, rights to a mountain spring were secured, and the local community contributed the labor required to construct and implement a spring catchment, water storage tank and transmission and distribution system (network of water pipes) routing to individual homes.

Washing hands in Honduras


As of May 2016, 51 households now have a household water tap, a hygienic toilet, a household drinking water dispenser and training in hygiene practices. In addition, a trained water committee was formed with clear responsibilities to ensure water system operation, maintenance, repair and replacement. Through the collection of a monthly household water bill, the water committee has the financial means to fulfill its ongoing tasks and ensure long-term operation of the water system.

Over time, we expect:

  • Improved health, including the prevention of childhood deaths from waterborne diseases
  • Time and energy savings gained by ending the daily walk for water
  • Increased productivity, including greater time investments in activities like education and food production.

Water project #13 in Honduras


Honduras water project