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Education Project #1 in Liberia

GPS: 5.905332, -10.028141
Education Project 1

Luke Peterson on


MiiR’s first ever water projects were completed with Well Done Organization (WDO) in 2011, and we have partnered once again, this time focusing on education through the launch of MiiR bag sales by supporting the funding of fixtures and equipment for Chariot High School in Buchanan, Liberia.

MiiR education project in Liberia


Well Done Organization operates in war-torn Liberia, Africa, existing as an instrument to bring relief through clean water, sanitation education, food and child sponsorships.


MiiR came alongside WDO in its efforts to complete the opening of a high school in the city of Buchanan, Liberia, the highest form of education now offered in the region. With the physical structure privately funded and constructed, next came furnishings. MiiR’s contribution of $1,895 purchased desks, chairs, and the labor required to level a soccer field on campus. With a faculty of 10 teachers and 125 students enrolled for the 2016-17 school year, about half of the students travel 4-5 miles each day to attend classes. Subjects taught range from math and English to civics and physical education.