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6 Ways to fill 6 ounces

Ashley Gateless on

We poured, popped, scooped, shook, and with a pinch of salt we cooked. MiiR employees took a few days to test the theory. Here is a selection of their favorite ways to use the new 6oz Tumbler.  It came in handy as our little multi-tool of tasty treats.  

Whoever said a little goes a long way, might be right. We would, however, amend that statement to included a refillable clause. Reduce, Recharge, Rinse, Reuse!

Share your favorites with us by tagging #MiiR and follow us @MiiR on Instagram.

Whiskey Neat 6oz Tumbler




Portion of


Popcorn 6 ounce Tumbler

6 ounce Tumbler wine

Why whine

when you can

have wine!

Bakeable bites

6 ounces = 3/4 cup

6 ounce tumbler Baking

6 ounce cappuccio

Cup o'


Sneaky little

snack attack

snacks 6 ounce tumbler