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Weekend Agenda: Father's Day Cocktails with Jermaine Whitehead

Jermaine Whitehead is a mixologist, bartender, cyclist, father, and friend of MiiR. He recently helped us develop recipes to compliment our 10oz Lowball & 14oz Highball products. As we started digging in to these delicious cocktails ourselves, we had to know more about the story and inspiration behind the drinks. 

Turns out we can add "storyteller" to the list of Jermaine's feats! If your looking for a great drink for this Father's Day, check out Jermaine's blog below. 

Don't forget to pick up your Lowball & Highball to go along with the drinks! 

Even after spending 15 years in the cocktail industry, I am still a huge fan of going to small craft cocktail bars and trying out new things. I study the menu, looking for any cocktail that has ingredients I’m not familiar with being paired together, and I have to try it.

Lately, I haven’t had as much time or opportunity to go out and try new drinks at my favorite spots. Instead, in celebration of this Father’s Day, a few dads and I are planning something a little different. Growing up, Father’s Day was a chance for my brothers and I to celebrate and pay tribute to our father, a holiday that focused on someone outside of myself. Since becoming a father a few years ago, the focus of the day has shifted to also include me as an honoree. It’s been a wild transition.

Our day today will start with a morning coffee bike ride and end with family fun in the yard: grilling up some meats, veggies and a fun cocktail for the group.

Jermaine Family

The kickoff to most of my days begins with coffee, and Father’s Day is no different; today’s coffee break, however, is going to have different scenery. The best way for me to start my special day includes a get together with some friends for a morning peddle, ending with a coffee cocktail in the park. Enjoying a bike ride is a way for me to relax and connect to my surroundings in a way that most other activities don’t provide. To celebrate today, I am bringing all the essentials for a nice after-ride treat to celebrate the Father’s Day weekend.

Jermaine Bike

The weather in Seattle has been clear blue skies and the pace is slow, so no need for a fast bike, or multiple water bottles and other gear, and packing for the coffee break is easy when everything you need is in containers. Getting my ride started, I head out to the I-90 bridge for a Mercer Island ride. I’ve loved this ride since I started really pedaling; it's great for scenic views of Lake Washington and offers relatively safe riding conditions due to the long loop around the island. The best part about this ride is seeing other smiling, like-minded people who are also enjoying the morning with their friends. 

Once we complete the loop, the ride ends where it started at a park along Lake Washington. I take just a couple of minutes to prepare our after-ride coffee cocktails using my weighted Lowball. In just a few moments we’re enjoying the needed pick-me-up. Building the cocktail was easy since everything is ready to go. Add a few cubes of ice and shake in the glass. Literally once it's done, I can start enjoying the creation. 

The weighted Lowball brings ease of transportation and insulation, which kept the liquids chilled on the ride. I love these vessels for several reasons: they use recycled materials to limit carbon impact on the environment, and they come in several sizes that are perfect for however you’d like to enjoy your beverage (my wife loves the smaller cups because they allow for just the right coffee to milk ratio). With the Press-fit Slide Lid closed, they also work well as a vessel for shaking cocktails.

Looking to make this drink yourself? Continue below to learn how.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

 1½ ounces High West Double Rye

1½ ounces cold-brew coffee

1 ounce evaporated milk

¾ ounce Averna Amaro (or amaro of your choice)

½ ounce honey syrup

2 dashes of Chocolate bitters


Glass: 10oz Lowball

Garnish: star anise, ground cinnamon


Shake all the ingredients together with ice in a shaker. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish.

 The flavors of this cocktail are just right for the occasion, not too much and not too little. Time to gather and head back to the house for family fun.

 Jermaine BBQ 

The heat is starting to pick up this summer so I’ve already planned out a refreshing drink that incorporates the up-and-coming berry season. This one will be super easy to make while playing host and keeping an eye on the always-moving toddler. I love using the weighted Highball because I can put them on any surface and not have to worry about them moving around, plus with the Press-fit Slide Lid, I can easily close off the drink and sip on the go just in case I see someone doing something they aren’t supposed to (I’m looking at you, kid). The spice of the ginger beer in the drink nicely complements the tang of the blackberry and lemon. It’s dangerously good. The best part about this drink: it tastes great with or without the alcohol, it’s a great crowd pleaser!

See below for the recipe: 

Blackberry Smash

Blackberry Smash

2 ounces Buffalo Trace Bourbon

¾ ounce lemon

¾ ounce simple syrup

4 blackberries

Spicy ginger beer


Glass: 14oz Highball

Garnish: mint, blackberry, lemon


Muddle blackberry into shaker. Shake and double strain into the Highball with ice. Top with ginger beer, garnish with mint, berry, lemon.


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