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Insulated Stainless Steel vs Glass Growlers

Luke Peterson on

If you have begun the research in choosing a growler, you know there are many options out there. The top ones people choose are insulated stainless steel and glass.  Your decision between these options comes down to your lifestyle and how much you enjoy sipping the amber nectar. To make it easier, we are comparing the pros and cons of glass vs insulated stainless steel growlers.

The Pros of a Glass Growler

glass growler

Glass is a great way to start enjoying beer from your local watering hole. They are inexpensive and sold at many breweries and stores.  It also has a timeless look that has been used for years. If you plan on filling a growler and enjoying it with friends within a couple hours, the glass growler is a good choice for you.

The Cons of a Glass Growler

Though the glass growler is a timeless classic, it also has its drawbacks. For instance, its made of glass, and can therefore break.  Dropping a filled growler is the ultimate party foul.  Also, if you plan on taking your beer to the beach, many don't allow glass. Second, glass growlers have cheaper seals.  This means they let out the CO2 inside, resulting in a flat beer.  I don't know about you, but a flat beer is not something I particularly enjoy. Lastly, unless you plan on putting your growler in a refrigerator right away, your beer is going to get warm and skunky.  

The Pros of an Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

The pros of an insulated stainless steel growler

An insulated stainless steel growler is going to last you a long time.  Most are vacuum insulated which helps with durability and liquid temperature  (To learn how vacuum insulation works, check out our post here).  Dropping one may result in a dent, but certainly not a shatter.  An insulated growler is also going to keep your beer cold longer.  Most will keep it cold for 24+ hours, which means you can bring your beer on your next camping trip, hike, or road trip to the beach and enjoy it at the right temperature. If you happen to have a growler that's made with 18/8 medical grade stainless steel (like all our growlers), it won't retain flavors of your last fill resulting in a fantastic tasting beer. This also means you can fill it with other contents such as kombucha or coffee (yes insulated growlers keep contents hot too).

The Cons of an Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

The pros of an insulated growler far outweigh the cons, but its good to point them out in case its not the right fit for you.  Insulated growlers are more expensive than glass.  With a high price tag, it can be hard to make the investment, but the durability and lifetime is much greater than the glass option.  Another downside is that you can't see inside the growler.  This can make it harder to fill or know how much you have left. 

The Conclusion

Ultimately your decision between glass and insulated stainless steel comes down to how you like to enjoy your beer. If you fill your growler and consume it right away, then a glass growler will do fine.  If you plan on enjoying a pint of craft beer after a long hike in the mountains, then an insulated stainless steel growler would be the best option.  Also remember that insulated growlers have better seals.  If you are going to spend money on a top quality beer, then you should make sure you have a top quality growler.  


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