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MiiR and Blue Bottle have partnered with Kula, a nonprofit eradicating poverty through the development of women entrepreneurs in Rwanda's coffee communities. Kula runs a 15-month business fellowship that provides industry training, business investment, and life and leadership skills, empowering their fellows to build profitable businesses, raise healthy families, and send their children to school.


Kula's Approach

Step 1: Relationship Building Kula conducts extensive baseline assessments with its cooperatives and spends relational time with the fellows and their families to know them both quantitatively and qualitatively. Step 2: Industry Training Kula provides consistent and in-depth industry training, support, and follow-up to each fellow in their specific industry, be it coffee farming, artisan goods and/or agribusiness. Step 3: Life and Leadership Skills Kula conducts intensive training and one-on-one mentorship to our fellows and their families in areas of household visioning, financial planning, business leadership and family health and nutrition. Step 4: Business Investment Kula invests in groups or individuals who have completed business training and submitted a business plan, equipping our fellows to improve their current business or launch new ones. Step 5: Impact Measurement Kula measures qualitative and quantitative data to monitor and evaluate the impact of their work. They then determine the best way to amend the fellowship to support each person toward empowerment.

Water scarcity and poor sanitation are a daily threat to the health and development of the 400,000 children attending Addis Ababa government schools. Diarrheal diseases are the second leading cause of child death in Ethiopia. It is estimated that over 80% of Addis Ababa’s population lives in slum districts with unreliable infrastructure and very limited access to adequate water and sanitation.

Splash will install:
  • One industrial-grade filtration system to serve both schools
  • New 5,000-liter reservoir tank to ensure continuous water availability
  • Two fiberglass drinking stations with 15 taps
  • Two fiberglass handwashing stations, placed near the dining hall and toilets
  • Rehabilitate existing toilets and conduct hygiene education program

While the intervention primarily targets children ages five to twelve, 93 adult staff will also benefit, as well as 260 adult students enrolled in an evening program with the goal of receiving their primary-level education.

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