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Matt Draper x MiiR

Replace Fear With Fascination

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We've teamed up with Matt Draper to create a limited edition collection that supports his mission to eliminate plastic bottles in the ocean.

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To me, I believe one of the most important ways to move forward in regard to positive change is by linking it to something you care about. For me, it's the ocean.
- Matt Draper

I feel all the best things in life are situated or found on the other side of fear... fear is something that holds us back but once we can overcome that feeling we can then concentrate on achieving personal goals.

About Matt Draper

Internationally acclaimed fine art photographer Matt Draper uses his imagery to foster love for the ocean, by replacing fear with fascination. Draper travels the oceans of the world to bring his creative vision into existence. He spends countless hours in the water, learning to better understand each individual species he interacts with. By meticulously studying and patiently moving through each untamed environment, Draper's photography reveals distinct characteristics and hidden intuitive behaviours. Self-taught, Draper prides himself on only using natural light. This, combined with his freediving capabilities, makes for minimal disturbance when observing marine life.

Replace Fear With Fascination

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