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Health & Safety
Do MiiR bottles have a liner like aluminum bottles?

No, because liners are unsafe and retain beverage flavors. Our stainless steel bottles & other products do not have any liners, allowing you to taste only your present beverage.

Do MiiR products have BPA?

Not a chance. Every MiiR hydration vessel is produced with high quality stainless steel that naturally does not contain any trace of BPA.

Does the paint on colored MiiR bottles, tumblers, and growlers contain lead?

No. We use water-based paints or a powder coating process, and test these regularly to ensure no toxins or lead are ever present. Although our paint is safe, we recommend the natural stainless steel bottle for children who like to munch on things. Our bottles are tested by SGS, an independent third party testing agency, to ensure we provide the highest quality and safest product for our customers.

Is stainless steel healthier and safer than aluminum?

In short, yes. While aluminum is lightweight and less expensive than stainless steel, aluminum bottles must be lined (typically with plastic resin) to ensure contents are safe for drinking. Yet, when faced with hot or acidic beverages, aluminum bottles can leach toxins and chemicals. Many studies have also linked aluminum exposure to Alzheimer's disease. We say, why mess with aluminum in the first place?

Know your bottle company. If you own an aluminum bottle and the composition of the liner is not known to you or that information has not been made public, toss it. The most common materials used to line aluminum bottles include plastic or baked-on epoxy, both of which can leach BPA and other toxic chemicals or get scratched with normal wear and tear, exposing the aluminum underneath.