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What warranty is included with my MiiR bicycle?
  MiiR offers a one-year warranty against manufacturer's defects on our frames and all other non-consumable parts (tires, tubes, saddles, paint, handlebar tape or grips, etc.). Manufacturer defects do not include damage resulting from improper use or a lack of maintenance, and MiiR will be unable to satisfy any warranty claims related to improper use or maintenance.

To validate your warranty, you must have first returned your warranty card along with proof of a professional build back to MiiR. Not only is a professional build important should you need to file a warranty claim, but it will also ensure the best and safest ride. We must receive your warranty card and proof of a professional build within 30 days of receiving your product.

Warranty claims should be sent to
and are valid for 365 days of the date of purchase. MiiR reserves the right to request photographs of the damage and may only replace the damaged part, rather than the entire bicycle. MiiR also reserves the right to issue a store credit at any time for warranty claims we are unable to satisfy based on current production or for any other reason. MiiR is not responsible for any labor charges or fees related to warranty claims. Warranty cards should be scanned and sent via email to:, or mailed to: 18870 72nd Ave S, Kent, WA 98032.

Liability: MiiR is not responsible for safely storing your bicycle, for maintaining your bicycle, or for making sure you ride your bicycle safely and follow local laws.
What warranty is included with my MiiR hydration vessel?
  MiiR offers a one-year warranty for manufacturer's defects on our water bottles and other hydration products. Please note that normal wear and tear, including scratches and dings, are not covered under the MiiR warranty. If the following issues describe your MiiR, you may have a bottle with a manufacturer defect:

Micro leaks: MiiR bottles are hand welded and on extremely rare conditions a tiny hole at the weld will cause a small leak. This manufacturer defect is covered by the warranty.
Received damaged: If your MiiR arrives with any damage, we will be happy to replace it. Please inspect packaging to determine if it was damaged during transit.
Rough welds: All welds and surfaces on MiiR bottles are polished and smoothed. If your MiiR has a rough weld this is a manufacturer defect and is covered by the warranty.
Flaking paint: Paint that chips off during normal wear and tear is not covered under the manufacturer warranty. Paint naturally chips when met with impact. If the paint is easily flaking off in large chunks (larger than a car key), this is a manufacturer defect and is covered by the warranty.
Deformed: Typically a deformed bottle, specifically toward the bottom, is a sign the bottle has been frozen or overheated on a stove or with a hot liquid. MiiR bottles are not made to be frozen or heated and both will void the MiiR warranty.

If you purchased your MiiR Bottle from a retailer we encourage you to return it to the retailer you purchased it from. This will avoid shipping charges and the hassle of being bottle-less (gasp!). If you purchased your MiiR bottle from us directly, we'll replace your product or issue a store credit.