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Founder Owned & Led

Bryan Papé is the founder and CEO of MiiR and the man behind the Product to Project™ movement, a business model where every product sold funds a trackable giving project that brings basic resources to people domestically and abroad.


Product + Project

Bryan is an award winning entrepreneur who has combined his business and philanthropy experience to create a new business model designed to use market based solutions to empower others around the world.

Business and Philanthropy Experience

Bryan’s business experience ranges from creating a boutique media production company in high school and foolishly starting a Christmas light hanging company in Seattle (bad idea) to becoming a part owner of the outdoor brand Little Hotties Warmers that sold in 2009.

Bryan is a member of the Papé Family Foundation, which seeks to strengthen family relationships through community-based philanthropy. The foundation was created in honor of his grandfather Dean ‘Papa’ Papé and continues to support what he valued most during his lifetime: family, business and community. Bryan has served as a trustee for 19 years and as President from 2012 to 2014.


I believe business has become a bit of a dirty word because of corporate greed. Yet business has the unique ability to leverage the marketplace to help make the world a better place. With that opportunity comes the responsibility to make the best possible product, improve the lives around us and build community. It’s a journey we take to heart every day and hope you join us.

Along with being one of the highest scoring B-corps we recently became a certified Evergreen company, which outlines many of our values.


Our approach to giving has been a simple one: regardless of our profitability as a company, we give 5% of our revenue (that’s 5% of sales not profit!) annually to trackable giving projects around the world focused on helping people live better lives through investments in clean water, bicycle transportation and education.

It is far better to give someone a fishing pole and teach them to fish than simply handing them a fish.