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Giving in Action

We give 5% of our revenue from your purchases to achieve the MiiR Give. We invest in empowering others through clean water, education, and bicycle projects. Take a look at our live projects and outcome measures below.

Clean Water

MiiR is proud to partner with Splash, a Seattle-based nonprofit enterprise that ensures clean water, clean hands and clean toilets for kids in Asia and Africa.

12/12/16 Project Update


Together, Splash and MiiR are partnering to implement clean water, hygiene education and sanitation improvements at nine public schools in Kathmandu, Nepal, immediately benefitting approximately 1,200 children and thousands more in future years.


Splash has a three-fold approach that starts with safe water.

Clean, Safe Water

Hygiene Education

Decent Toilets

They install high quality water filtration systems and durable drinking and hand washing stations in public schools. This produces drinking water that meets World Health Organization standards.

To really impact health and reduce the spread of disease, hand washing is key. Splash leads hygiene education for teachers and kids through fun, engaging activities. The approach encourages children to adopt healthy habits throughout their day while making personal hygiene a priority.

Splash upgrades sanitations facilities to ensure girls and boys have secure, clean and well-maintained toilets.


With 2.5 million people, Kathmandu Valley is the country's single largest urban economy and is critical to Nepal's economic growth. Current water services are inadequate and the poor often have little choice but to drink contaminated water. A citywide baseline survey of schools conducted before the devastating 2015 earthquake showed that the vast majority of non-Splash partner schools tested positive for E. coli and high presence of total coliform bacteria. Unclean water, particularly when coupled with unhygienic conditions and practices, is a fundamental threat to Nepali children’s health, education and opportunity. Splash’s goal is to reach all 650 public schools in urban Kathmandu, benefiting 175,000 children, by 2020.

About Splash

Splash aims to improve the health and development of children in dense, urban areas by ensuring they have clean water, clean hands and clean toilets. Every day, Splash serves over 370,000 children in eight countries – China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam - and is on track to serve one million children by 2020. Working in Nepal since 2007, Splash currently serves nearly 70% of the public school children in Kathmandu across 211 school sites. With our help, they aim to reach 100% of Kathmandu schools by 2020.

Project Updates


As of December 12, 2016, Splash Nepal has completed baseline data collection and vetting procedures at all 9 schools selected for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) implementation under the MiiR grant agreement.

Since the initiation of the grant (November 1 2016), Splash Nepal has completed a Needs Assessment for each school, based on the data collected: beneficiary demographics, WASH infrastructure conditions, water availability and quality, current hygiene behaviors, and water use practices.

With the information gathered from the Needs Assessments, Splash Nepal has ordered all required equipment and materials (water filtration systems, filter replacement parts, drinking stations, hand washing stations, plumbing and construction materials, etc.) from our licensed suppliers, which will be arriving at the Splash Nepal office in Kathmandu within the next couple of weeks.

While the team waits for the materials to arrive, Splash Nepal staff is finalizing contractual agreements (Memorandums of Understanding, MOUs) with each school and helping them to establish separate bank accounts for ongoing WASH Operation & Maintenance (O&M) funds per said agreement. Once materials have arrived, the project MOUs are signed, and the initial O&M deposit is confirmed, Splash Nepal will commence work toward: upgrading on-site plumbing, installing the water filtration systems, securing clean water lines to the fiberglass drinking stations, ensuring adequate water storage capacity, renovating sanitation facilities, training teachers and staff on basic filter maintenance, and integrating Splash’s hygiene education program into the school curriculum.


MiiR’s first ever water projects were completed with Well Done Organization (WDO) in 2011, and we have partnered once again, this time focusing on education through the launch of MiiR bag sales by supporting the funding of fixtures and equipment for Chariot High School in Buchanan, Liberia.

More About The Liberia Project


Buchanan, Liberia


Well Done Organization operates in war-torn Liberia, Africa, existing as an instrument to bring relief through clean water, sanitation education, food and child sponsorships.


MiiR came alongside WDO in its efforts to complete the opening of a high school in the city of Buchanan, Liberia, the highest form of education now offered in the region. With the physical structure privately funded and constructed, next came furnishings. MiiR’s contribution of $1,895 purchased desks, chairs, and the labor required to level a soccer field on campus. With a faculty of 10 teachers and 125 students enrolled for the 2016-17 school year, about half of the students travel 4-5 miles each day to attend classes. Subjects taught range from math and English to civics and physical education.

This project is now completed


MiiR and the Boise Bicycle Project first partnered in 2012 upon the launch of MiiR’s bicycle line and as a way to commemorate our founder’s hometown of Boise, Idaho. BBP is a nonprofit community cooperative that promotes the personal, social and environmental benefits of bicycling.

More About Boise Bicycle Project


Every December, BBP hosts a kids bike giveaway (350+ bikes) at its location in Boise for children ages 4-11 years old. Through an application process that includes submitting a drawing or story describing their “dream bike”, kids are selected from local non-profit organizations, schools, social workers, after-school programs and other like-minded organizations. MiiR is donating 50 Bambinis to this program, to be assembled by community volunteers, as a way to encourage children to get moving on bikes.


BBP functions as a bicycle recycling center and educational workspace in a diverse and non-threatening atmosphere. Through education and access to affordable refurbished bicycles, BBP strives to build a stronger bicycling community. BBP offers a variety of youth and adult programs including work trade, commuting and repair classes, social rides and aspiring mechanic skills training.


The Boise Bicycle Project believes the bicycle is a tool with the power to create positive social change, and MiiR couldn’t agree more. With a vision to enhance the quality of life through bicycling, BBP’s values are:

  • Access to bicycles
  • Sustainable re-cycling
  • Building confidence
  • A path of opportunity for kids
  • Collective impact

This project is now completed



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