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Published on in Impact
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Boise, Idaho


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MiiR and the Boise Bicycle Project first partnered in 2012 upon the launch of MiiR’s bicycle line and as a way to commemorate our founder’s hometown of Boise, Idaho. BBP is a nonprofit community cooperative that promotes the personal, social and environmental benefits of bicycling.

Boise Bicycle Project and MiiR


Every December, BBP hosts a kids bike giveaway (350+ bikes) at its location in Boise for children ages 4-11 years old. Through an application process that includes submitting a drawing or story describing their “dream bike”, kids are selected from local non-profit organizations, schools, social workers, after-school programs and other like-minded organizations. MiiR is donating 50 Bambinis to this program, to be assembled by community volunteers, as a way to encourage children to get moving on bikes.


BBP functions as a bicycle recycling center and educational workspace in a diverse and non-threatening atmosphere. Through education and access to affordable refurbished bicycles, BBP strives to build a stronger bicycling community. BBP offers a variety of youth and adult programs including work trade, commuting and repair classes, social rides and aspiring mechanic skills training.


The Boise Bicycle Project believes the bicycle is a tool with the power to create positive social change, and MiiR couldn’t agree more. With a vision to enhance the quality of life through bicycling, BBP’s values are:

  • Access to bicycles
  • Sustainable re-cycling
  • Building confidence
  • A path of opportunity for kids
  • Collective impact

Santa shows up at the Boise Bicycle Project 

MiiR Employee Josh Stinger gives a high five at the Boise Bicycle Project

January 10, 2017

We had a great turnout for our Christmas Kid's Bike Giveaway with over 300 volunteers supporting us on the day of the event, filling roles from fitting bikes and helmets to escorting kids through the process of receiving their very own bike. Over 70 volunteers helped us prepare for the big day, whether fixing bikes, calling families or putting together take-home bags with lights, locks, safety material and stickers. 325 eager kids showed up to receive their bike that morning, and 29 more have since visited the shop to pick up their bike, for a total of 354 bikes donated. 40 MiiR Bambinis were distributed that day; the rest are being held for pick-up. 

All in all, the day was a huge success! We're so grateful that we were able to provide Bambinis to our littlest riders.

- The BBP