Impact Timeline

MiiR was built on a foundation of generosity with the belief that business and philanthropy can coexist. Every step along the way has been a series of learnings, setbacks, and growth, all of which keep us humble and committed. As we hold ourselves accountable, we also embrace where we’ve been while pushing ourselves toward a better future.



Our Founder's Accident

A life changing moment

“While filming at a local ski resort, skiing with a video camera in hand, I lost control down a chute, hit a tree, and broke my femur in two. As I leaned against the tree staring at my oddly bent leg, I had a thought. ‘If I were to die now, what would I leave behind?’ Through my recuperation, I thought of my late grandfather who had been a successful entrepreneur but was best known for his generous spirit. I knew then that combining business and philanthropy would be the foundation for my future endeavors.” Click here to read more.



MiiR: Established in 2010

A new way to give

Bottled water was the go-to, and the few reusable bottles on the market were utilitarian and clunky. Steeped in the outdoor industry, Bryan got to work improving how we drink and carry water as an accessory, and together Bryan and cofounder Rebecca built disciplined grantmaking into MiiR’s business activities from day one, challenging the traditional business model.



MiiR Issues its First Grant

In support of clean water

Water was the common thread across products sold and grants issued. With millions of people around the world lacking access to clean drinking water, it only made sense to issue our first grant to One Day’s Wages to fund three hand-dug wells in Liberia, built and maintained by and for the communities there.



MiiR Becomes a Certified B Corporation

Using Business as a Force For Good

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Click here to learn more.



MiiR Joins 1% for the Planet

Investing in the health of our environment

As a business already engaging in corporate giving, joining 1% for the Planet was a no-brainer as it codified our commitment to the planet and ensured a balanced giving portfolio. Today, MiiR donates the equivalent of 1% of gross sales through a combination of monetary, in-kind, and approved promotional support directly to environmental nonprofits. Since becoming a member, we have exceeded our commitment by 2-3x. Click here to learn more.



MiiR Becomes Climate Neutral Certified

Taking responsibility for our products and process

Companies that have earned their Climate Neutral Certification have demonstrated  their commitment to measure and offset their carbon footprint while working to reduce their emissions. For four years, MiiR successfully worked toward and completed a rigorous 3-step process to calculate our footprint, offset our carbon, and set robust reduction goals. Click here to learn more.



MiiR Expands its Grantmaking Portfolio

More to go around

As we continue to grow, so do our funding streams. While clean water initiatives will always be close to our heart, we felt the need to branch out and support a more diverse organization portfolio. Our throughline as we move forward remains steadfast: focusing on organizations helping both people and the planet.



$1,000,000 Given

A MAJOR milestone

The more we grow, the more we give. Reaching $1 million dollars in donations was one of our biggest accomplishments to date. In mid-2019, MiiR passed the $1 million dollar threshold in charitable contributions. We took the time to celebrate with one another and mark the occasion with a party.



MiiR's Definition of Impact Expanded

Putting people first

Historically, we’ve used the term “impact” to refer to our giving initiatives. After an illuminating few years, it became clear it was time to expand what we viewed as our collective “impact” by putting our people first, centering responsibility as a growing brand, and highlighting our strategic grantmaking and giving programs. People. Planet. Generosity.



MiiR Becomes a Certified Evergreen Business

Holding ourselves accountable to our values

Companies that are awarded Certified Evergreen status with the Tugboat Institute have undergone an extensive, rigorous assessment with the intention of continuous improvement and enduring excellence around values, practices, and people. Click here to learn more.



Re:Claimed Program Launches

Repurposing misprinted products.

Sometimes mistakes happen to perfectly good products. Misprints, an upside-down logo, a fleck of ink out of place. Our Re:Claimed program takes never-before used products and fixes these small cosmetic mistakes to create something new. Reviving, redesigning, and reintroducing. Click here to learn more.



MiiR's Re:Claimed Program Expands

Recycling Products Responsibly with Phase 2 of Our Re:Claimed Program - A Full-Scale Takeback Scheme.

In 2023, our Re:Claimed program expanded. What was originally a method for repurposing products with cosmetic defects has evolved to include a takeback program. Our stainless steel products are designed to last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, life happens. Our Re:Claimed Takeback program allows MiiR customers to send their used products back to us so we can recycle them on their behalf. Click here to learn more.


$4.4 Million+ Given

2024 and beyond!

Despite a year marked by changes and challenges influenced by broader economic forces, we are gradually regaining momentum in our grant-making activities incorporating lessons learned. We remain dedicated to issuing trust-based grants to our non-profit partners as we work towards revitalizing our giving programs.