Founders' Story

Bryan Papé

There are moments in life that change you. They come unexpectedly and cut to the core of who you are. In my 20s I owned a small media production company. While filming at a local ski resort, skiing with a video camera in hand, I lost control down a chute, hit a tree and broke my femur in two. As I leaned against the tree staring at my oddly bent leg, I had a thought.

If I were to die now, what would I leave behind? I need to do more with my life. I need to do something impactful that will make a difference in the world. I want to leave a legacy for the next generation.

Through my recuperation, I thought of my late grandfather who had been a successful entrepreneur but was best known for his generous spirit. I knew then, that combining business and philanthropy would be the foundation for my future endeavors.

I understood business and noticed a gap in the drinkware industry. At the time, bottled water was the go-to and the reusable bottles on the market were utilitarian, lacking style and ease of use. I saw potential and set to work on improving how we drink and carry water.

But I wanted MiiR to be more than well-designed drinkware, I wanted it to help the millions of people around the world without direct access to clean drinking water.

People x Environment

Since then, MiiR's giving initiatives have grown in both size and breadth. Our grant-making focus has expanded alongside our customer base and product line. At the core of each iteration of MiiR's giving has been a commitment to both people and the planet. That is why today, we invest in nonprofit organizations that empower communities, while benefitting the health of our natural environments. 

Rebecca Papé

Rebecca, my wife, remained at her finance career through the growing years of MiiR. Despite working long hours, she still found time to act as my sounding board and support system. She dedicated her days off to rolling up her sleeves and helping me with invoicing, packing, and shipping. Her heart was invested in MiiR as much as mine, and she was invaluable when it came to working with nonprofits and organizing travel to oversee our early giving projects.

In 2015, Rebecca officially joined MiiR’s finance team, and later found a more permanent home leading the brand voice within marketing. MiiR remains an independently and privately owned company and we are proud to say we built it together.

Giving at MiiR

With design, generosity and sustainability at our core, MiiR adamantly and actively contributes to the flourishing of people and planet. Each year, we invest a portion of top-line revenue into trusted nonprofit organizations who work to uplift communities while benefitting the health of our natural environments. 

As of 2022, MiiR has given over $3.8 million, empowering over 200 organizations working across 26 countries. And this is only the beginning. Every day we are working on new ideas and innovations to keep MiiR moving forward and growing. The more we grow, the more we give.