Woodinville, Washington

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Published on in Impact
Project #34 in Woodinville, WA

Woodinville, WA


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MiiR is partnering with IslandWood and King County to provide 200 3rd-8th grade students with hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) environmental learning experiences at Brightwater Center.

Using King County’s state-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment Facility as a real-world model for investigation, students get a firsthand look at how water, the built and natural environments, and humans are all interrelated. Teachers select a four-hour program that best complements their current classroom studies, each focusing on a different environmental factor impacting watersheds: stormwater, wastewater or urban freshwater ecosystems.

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“It’s a unique opportunity for us to be able to support a proven educational curriculum that encourages a curiosity and enthusiasm for nature and the outdoors. The MiiR community is largely comprised of people both young and old in search of outdoor adventure, so in this partnership, we are in a sense coming together to celebrate the lifelong pursuit of enjoying, respecting and learning from our environment.”

- Rebecca Papé, Director of Impact

 Giving project at IngleWood

The Approach

IslandWood is a leader in innovative and inclusive education for the planet. By connecting students with their communities and environments, classroom learning becomes contextualized and the students become aware that they are empowered to bring about positive change. Through place-based, culturally-responsive education practices, IslandWood is building a foundation for the next generation of leaders, scientists, stewards, and citizens.



IslandWood’s Director of Program Impact will lead the evaluation and assessment of this project.

Quantitative metrics include:

  • Number of Seattle Public Schools students who receive pre and post-Brightwater Center visit lessons
  • Number of school visits by IslandWood educators
  • Number of student-led stewardship projects

Qualitative impact anecdotes will inform project effectiveness, program decisions and professional growth:

  • Student understanding of water-based natural resource issues
  • Student learning and cultural responsiveness

Teachers will be asked to complete an online assessment to rate student learning at Brightwater and concept retention, both one week and 2 months after their visit.

 Working on the project at IngleWood

About IslandWood

In their words: IslandWood’s mission is to provide exceptional learning experiences and to inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship. Whether at our 250-acre outdoor learning center, or any of our off-site locations, IslandWood invites children and adults alike to discover a new way of seeing nature, themselves, and one another. In doing so, each person comes to understand their ability to change the world for the better.


In partnership with King County

IslandWood is a 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner, a diverse and growing network of businesses and nonprofits committed to supporting environmental issues. #fortheplanet

Giving project in Woodinville, WA with MiiR