MiiR x Coldplay

Published on in Impact
Published on in Impact
MiiR x Coldplay

We’ve had some wild dreams, but this one really blows our minds. We’re beyond thrilled to announce that MiiR is partnering with Coldplay for their Music Of The Spheres World Tour. Coldplay’s dedication to giving and their passion for the environment provided the perfect opportunity to come together for people and planet. As if we needed more reasons to love Coldplay. 

Miir's black Wide Mouth Bottle with Coldplay customizationMiir's white Narrow Mouth Bottle with Coldplay customization

We’re creating custom-designed water bottles that will be sold across the globe at Coldplay concerts because of course, we want to encourage environmentally-friendly options for all music lovers and cut down on single-use plastics. Additionally, we’re donating to three organizations that carry significance for Coldplay. Allow us to introduce our giving lineup: ClientEarth, The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation, and One Tree Planted.

ClientEarth works in partnership across borders, systems and sectors, using law and policy to fight climate change, pollution, defend wildlife, and protect people and planet. They’re working to change the face of environmental action on a global scale.

Client Earth logo

The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation focuses their work on extracting and recycling waste from the Pacific Ocean in an environmentally friendly way. Their goal is to preserve and protect the natural environment for the benefit of those who live and work near its shores.

The Ocean Cleanup North Pacific Foundation

One Tree Planted is a nonprofit organization focused on global reforestation and making it simple for anyone to plant a tree and give back to the environment. Their reach extends across more than 43 countries with more than 40 million trees planted.  

One Tree Planed logo


The timing was right, and we’re excited to continue our giving initiatives with these incredible organizations. You could say the spheres aligned on this one.

Coldplay concert at Music Of The Spheres World TourTwo adults and a child at Coldpay concert holding customized MiiR Wide Mouth BottlePerson holding Miir customized bottle at Codplay concert