Pourigami™ Pour Over Coffee Recipe with Sam Spillman

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Published on in Learn
Pourigami Coffee Maker

Having the world's smallest, most durable and portable flat-pack pour over coffee dripper is one thing; making a perfect Pourigami™ pour over is another. Head below as Sam Spillman, 2019 US Barista Champion, outlines her four-step pour over coffee recipe for making the perfect cup of coffee.

How to Make the Perfect Pour Over Coffee 


Step 1

I begin my pour over routine by grinding fresh coffee beans. Typically, I measure out 21 grams of coffee and work with a 1:16 ratio, coffee to hot water.

Step 2

After assembling the Pourigami™ and setting it atop my Camp Cup, I put my #2 conical paper filter into the dripper. Then, I wet the paper filter in order to rid the filter of any paper taste and secure the filter to the sides of the Pourigami™.

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Pour over coffee

Step 3

Next, I add the ground coffee and do a 45g bloom, which allows the coffee to release any gases. From there, I add 100g of hot water at 45 seconds.

Step 4

Then, I add 100g of water at the 1:30 minute mark and another 100 grams at 2 minutes. Your brew should be finished by about 3:30 minutes. 

Pour over coffee

Learn more about Sam, our hometown hero, by heading to the interview we did with her shortly after our Pourigami™ and Coffee Canister Kickstarter launched!

Sam Spillman

Pour Over Coffee FAQs

Following Sam's recipe is the best way to follow this brewing method. Even so, there's a learning curve when you start experimenting with pour over coffee. Here are a few frequently asked questions we've received about using our Pourigami™ pour over


What is the Difference Between Pour Over and Drip Coffee?

Using a pour over coffee maker isn't just a convenient solution for those weekend adventures away from home. Using this coffee brewing method lets you control the brewing process from start to finish, allowing you to make delicious, vibrant cups of coffee wherever you go. 

Using a pour over coffee maker helps with the flavor extraction method, highlighting the nuanced flavor of your favorite brew. This control is lacking with a drip coffee maker.


Why is My Pour Over Coffee Bitter?

There are a few variables that could make your pour over coffee taste bitter. One of the most common causes is the grind size. Finer grinds speed up the flavor extraction process. With the pour over method, you want a medium grind to get the maximum flavor with minimal bitterness. The larger grinds take longer to draw out the flavor, limiting the bitterness.

The second most common cause is an issue with your water temperature. If the flow of water is too hot, it will draw the flavors out too quickly and create bitterness. Additionally, the ratio of coffee to water can also impact the flavor. Try Sam's recommendation of 1:16 for a delicious cup of coffee.


Can I use Pre-Ground coffee for Pour Over Coffee?

You can use pre-ground coffee with a pour over coffee machine, but be mindful of the issues with finer grinds. Look for a coffee purveyor who grinds beans with the pour over method in mind.


How Long Does it Take to Make Pour Over Coffee?

It takes less than five minutes to make a cup of coffee with the pour over method, not including boiling time— well worth the wait if you're a coffee lover!