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Water Project #21 in Bangladesh

Water Project #21 in Bangladesh

Luke Peterson on

The Project

Together, Water1st and MiiR are partnering to implement 5 water, toilet and hygiene education projects in Demra, Bangladesh, anticipated to benefit 200 people.

The Approach

Water1st has been working in slum neighborhoods on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, since 2006. They bring crucial water and sanitation services to this area through their local partner organization, Dushtha Shasthya Kendra (DSK). DSK enters communities and forms action committees comprised of local residents, who analyze their own living conditions and prioritize their needs, clean water and toilets being identified most often. DSK offers technical and financial assistance to anyone within the planning area to construct their own water system and toilet.

The Problem

Bangladesh has one of the world’s highest rates of internal population migration from rural areas to urban centers. New arrivals settle in crowded, unplanned residential areas lacking basic services like water supply, connections to sewers, electricity, stormwater drainage, etc.About Splash

The Goal

DSK has supported the construction of over 500 water systems and toilets in the Demra area, serving roughly 30,000 people. MiiR’s financial support will allow them to complete an additional 5 projects in the Demra area in 2017, serving approximately 200 people.

Upon the completion of a project, the average time spent collecting water drops from 45-60 minutes to 10-15 minutes (the time it takes to fill buckets, pans, etc.). The amount of water used increases 400%-1000% while the cost decreases. Money spent on medicine to treat illnesses decreases to as little as 100 taka ($1.25) per month. Because of these projects, families spend less money and enjoy better health and quality of life.

Project Update 3/17/2017

Experience this community driven project in 360!

The 360 video you are watching shows a glimpse of the various water access points the community has installed. Then, take a peek into the production of beautifully woven sarees from the region. Another touch point for the project in this community is the sanitation and hygiene education that occurs along with the new water systems.

About Water1st


In their words:
Water1st was started in 2005 by a group of professionals with solid experience in the water and sanitation and fundraising sectors. Our focus was simple: build an organization from the ground up with the ability to consistently implement high-quality water and sanitation projects that provide permanent solutions for the world’s poorest communities. We are fulfilling that vision, one community at a time. We’ve completed 1,873 projects, and not one has failed.