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Water Project #25 in Kolkata

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MiiR is proud to partner with Splash, a Seattle-based nonprofit that ensures clean water, clean hands and clean toilets for kids in Asia and Africa. Together, Splash and MiiR are partnering to implement clean water, hygiene education and sanitation improvements in 10 schools in Kolkata, India, immediately benefitting some 1,965 children and thousands more in future years, with the aim that it can be replicated across India’s major cities and beyond.

Splash water project in Kolkata, India

This work builds on MiiR’s existing support for Splash in Nepal and expands our philanthropic footprint to India, creating a deep impact on children in both countries. Additionally, our support in India will serve some of the neediest and most vulnerable children in Kolkata through residential schools. The residential school system was started by the local government in 2012 to serve urban, homeless youth. Often these children are from single parent households or are orphaned. Many have also suffered abuse. Most of these children have never enrolled in school or have dropped out of the mainstream education system.


Project Update
[June 2017]

Of the nine premises housing ten schools, installation is complete in one school, and filters and stations have been delivered and are on site, ready for installation, in the remaining eight sites. In all eight sites, filter and station installation work is expected to be complete by June 30, 2017. Detailed sanitation assessments have not yet been conducted in the sites. The technical team will start these assessments early next week in preparation for sanitation work that is expected to start by July and should be completed by August, based on the scope of work in each of the schools. 

Meet Subhadra, a tenth grader attending Behala Balika Vidyapath who has gained valuable leadership skills as a member of the Splash Hygiene Club at her school.

School names: Behala Balika Vidyapith, Bikramgarh High School, Cossipur Institution for Boys, Nabajatak Bidyabhawan for Girls, Parui Radhakrishna Vidyapith, Rani Bhabani School, SB Girls High School, Sahid Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya, Sri Shantiniketan Vidyalaya High School, Sri Shantiniketan Vidyalaya Primary School


The Approach

The future of water is in cities. While many people think the global water crisis primarily affects rural areas, today more than half the world population lives in cities and 828 million people live in urban slums. Rapidly growing cities in developing countries face insufficient water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure, which is felt most acutely by the poor. Splash provides a spark of hope, focusing on children, who are both the most vulnerable to water-borne disease and the key to generational change. Splash targets schools, orphanages, hospitals and shelters to reach the greatest number of kids in a cost-effective way.


The Problem

Nowhere in the world is there more explosive urban growth than in India. In fact, the country is on track to add 530 million people to its cities between 2010 and 2050—the equivalent of adding every resident of the US and Russia to India's urban centers! By 2030, India is predicted to have the largest population in the world, and Kolkata – the capital of West Bengal – is India’s third largest city. Kolkata is seeing explosive population growth with a growing proportion of urban slum residents. Water is widely available but is typically contaminated. Unsanitary conditions, crowding and inadequate health and education facilities exacerbate the effects of poverty.


The Goal

By proving the ability to scale in a “hardest to reach” place, Splash believes that it will make national replication a plausible reality. Working in India since 2012, Splash currently serves nearly 5% of the public-school children in Kolkata across 90 of the 2,000 school sites, reaching 40,000 kids. With MiiR’s help, Splash is on track to reach 100% of Kolkata schools by 2021, benefitting 420,000 of the city’s poorest kids. In 2017, Splash plans to serve a combination of small, medium and large schools, with the aim that the model can be replicated across India’s major cities and beyond.


About Splash

Splash aims to improve the health and development of children in dense, urban areas by ensuring they have clean water, clean hands and clean toilets. Founded in 2007, Splash has completed 1,600 projects serving more than 400,000 kids in eight countries: China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. Over the next five years in Kolkata, India, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kathmandu, Nepal, Splash aims to reach 100% of public schools with full WASH coverage to ensure that over one million children have clean water, clean hands and clean toilets by 2021.

Splash water project with MiiR

Splash's work with MiiR in Kolkata, IndiaPhoto credit: Gavin Gough