MiiR x Black Girl Ventures

Omi Bell has created a unique community for women of color business owners. Though struggles have certainly been part of their stories, Omi focuses on the beautiful and the powerful in this MiiR and Black Girl Ventures partnership. The Camp Cup, Tumbler, and Growler represent different traits that it takes to be an entrepreneur: Resilience & Strength, Joyful Defiance, and Solidarity & Empowerment.

This collection reflects Black Girl Ventures, founder Omi Bell, and Black and Brown women everywhere. Each design embraces those traits and turns them into a meaningful reminder that when we’re down, there’s always a way back up.

12oz Camp Cup


The “Resilience & Strength” design shows an eye set with a flame demonstrating that despite setbacks and struggles, entrepreneurs move forward anyway. 

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20oz Wide Mouth Bottle


“Joyful Defiance” is a rose growing through a crack in concrete inspired by a Tupac poem. It shows there’s beauty in defying the naysayers. 

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64oz Growler


“Solidarity & Empowerment” showcase hands surrounding a light that extends through others and with others so that we can lend a helping hand to those coming up behind us. 

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For every product sold, $5 will be donated to Black Girl Ventures. These funds will support their mission to provide Black and Brown woman-identifying founders and entrepreneurs with access to community, capital, and capacity building. The ultimate goal: Economic advancement through entrepreneurship.

Learn more about Black Girl Ventures