MiiR 2022 Impact Report


We’re committed to providing our people with a positive and purpose-driven work environment focused on opportunities for personal and professional growth.

By taking care of each of them, we believe they pay it forward and take care of our customers, suppliers, partners, communities, and their families.

We are people first.

We acknowledge that our people, affectionately known as MiiRkats, are the primary drivers for innovation and success. 2022 was our year to focus on maximizing the MiiRkat experience through cultivating a culture that fosters resilience and connectivity.

Three main initiatives:

  • We introduced the Total Motivation survey to measure workforce engagement and motivation
  • We continued to evolve our Remote Flex Program to accommodate different post-pandemic work models. We acknowledged the benefits and drawbacks of 100% remote work while allowing every individual to determine their ideal workplace environment. This meant opening two new office spaces in Seattle, WA and Boise, ID where MiiRkats can choose to come in for collaboration, connection, and mentorship
  • We continued to offer annual in-person company events that provided unique and thoughtful experiences for employees

Total Motivation

At MiiR, we holistically accept each individual and their unique attributes, experiences, and perspectives. We take into account growth on a personal and professional level and allow the space for people to continue learning, innovating, and motivating one another. 

An employee’s Total Motivation (ToMo) is defined by three direct motives: the play that people feel in their work, the purpose they find in it, and the potential they see for outcomes such as career advancement. 

We measured and are learning from the following key performance indicators (KPIs) to better understand employee experience through the lens of total motivation:

  • ToMo (2022 only) – connects to purpose, potential, and play
  • Paid time-off (PTO) usage (2021 & 2022 data) – connects to play
  • Tenure (2021 & 2022 data) – connects to potential
  • Number of internal promotions vs. external hires (2021 & 2022 data) – connects to potential
  • Employee Give participation (2021 & 2022 data) – connects to purpose


By The Numbers

2021 & 2022 data

Gender Breakdown*

*All information relating to gender and racial identity was given voluntarily and reflects only those employees who have chosen to share.

Total Motivation

ToMo is measured on a scale of -100 to 100. If ToMo is positive, you have more direct motives than indirect ones. If ToMo is negative, you have more indirect motives than positive ones. Our ToMo measurement is a blended average of all responses. An average of 60 MiiRkats typically responded to our Total Motivation surveys.

2022 ToMo: 42.41

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at MiiR

At MiiR, we celebrate and welcome our differences. We strive to be a respectful, safe, inclusive, and equitable workplace where people love to work and learn and be. 

With the world of work changing at an accelerated rate since 2020, MiiR focused Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) strategies on increasing equity across the business and promoting a sense of belonging through the company. We believe our employees should have opportunities without limitations, and for us that means celebrating the progress we’ve made while acknowledging how far we have yet to go.  

We’ve seen success in the following areas:

  • We promote from within where possible before looking at external candidates
  • We completed a pay equity analysis for each role at MiiR and developed role-specific pay bands for increased compensation transparency
  • We continued to follow our rigorous interview process, including blind resume reviews and unconscious bias training, with the goal of hiring for culture contribution as opposed to culture fit

Since 2020, women – especially those in leadership roles – are leaving the workforce at an alarming rate. Although MiiR had achieved a better gender split company wide, the same split was not reflected in any level of leadership. We’ve since brought more women into leadership roles. 

While we’ve made progress, we understand there’s a lot of work to be done to diversify our workforce and increase our employees’ sense of belonging across different identities. We remain committed to holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard in 2023 and are constantly looking for ways to enact more formal DEIB strategies.

Employee Perks & Benefits

We proudly offer comprehensive benefits and fun company perks to support our employees’ health and well-being.

Core Benefits

Medical, dental, and vision insurance covered at 100% for eligible employees. 401(k) options with company match. Short Term Disability and Life Insurance.


Working at a high-growth and -impact Certified B Corp. Product discounts and pro deals with partner companies. Thoughtfully-planned and expertly-executed company events.

Work & Life

Cell phone stipend. Employee grantmaking programs. Unlimited paid vacation time. Generous paid parental leave. Non-prescriptive Remote Flex culture that allows most employees to work from home on their schedule.

China Office & Fair Labor

MiiR is only as good as our team; this includes our China Team and manufacturing partners. Their experience and expertise in fair and ethical manufacturing practices ensures our comprehensive and detailed approach to operational excellence. 

MiiR is fortunate to work with highly advanced factories. To make certain that we consistently adhere to high levels of environmental responsibility and fair labor policies, our China team operates less than thirty minutes from most factory locations and uses our rigorous Supplier Code of Conduct to effectively and thoughtfully partner with each of our manufacturing partners.