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MiiR x Microsoft Advertising

Published on in Learn
Published on in Learn
MiiR Founder Bryan Papé on laptop meeting standing.

Digital Nomad | The Story of MiiR

As you read this on your phone or laptop chances are the way that you work today looks quite different than it did a couple years ago. If you now have the flexibility to work remote, you’re not alone. Nearly half, 45%, of the workforce today works fully or partially remote according to the Microsoft WorkLab, which is up from just 14% prior to the pandemic. This massive influx in work-life flexibility has allowed for the rise of a new lifestyle called the Digital Nomad. As the name suggests Digital Nomads are location-independent individuals who value flexibility and make a living working online.

Bryan Papé MiiR Founder in meeting at Flagship

Microsoft Advertising first identified this growing trend in an e-book in early 2022, and this is where our story begins.

Shortly after publication the question was asked, what does it really mean to be a digital nomad? It was important to look at both sides of the story and understand what it meant for both for the individuals living the lifestyle and the brands that catered to this group of adventure seekers. Enter, MiiR. Since they do both, they were the perfect brand to partner with for this video. Their team of MiiRkats have the flexibility to “work when it works for them” and their MiiR bottles can be found in the hands of Digital Nomads around the world as they work and play

“Work when it works for you”
Bryan Papé – MiiR Founder

In this video, you’ll be able to take a glimpse into the MiiR culture and how their flexible hybrid work model has helped powered the impressive growth behind the company and allowed everyone to have some fun along the way. You’ll also get to see a day-in-the-life of Bryan with his team and family, and you’ll understand what he means when he says, “work-life integration.” Lastly, we hope you’ll be able to pick up some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your time and energy this remote world –– whether that’s personally or by helping empower a team you’re leading.

MiiR Founder Bryan and wife Rebecca Papé looking at screen while sitting at table working together.

If you’re looking to follow the lead of MiiR and launch an advertising campaign on Microsoft Advertising, you can get started with a free consultation to chat about how your brand can leverage the network to connect with over a billion individuals around the globe. If not that’s fine too and we hope you enjoyed the video!